The sinking of the Costa Concordia








The films of the Costa Concordia after the sinking

Friday, May 15, 2015, the last voyage of the Costa Concordia 2 videos :
Costa Concordia moved he left his dock "Pra Voltri" to go into the "Molo Ex Superbacino" Phase 1 decommissioning is completed with the removal of 5700 tonnes of furniture and interior equipment, Phase 2 will begin .

Phase 2 is to remove passengers upper decks of the deck 14 to the deck 2. Subsequently the Costa Concordia will once again moved to the dry dock "Dry Dock" which is close to the pier "Molo Ex Superbacino" where there it is the shell that will completely emptied of its contained cleared and then cutting the hull will begin to deck 2 the deck -2.


Early research crew member body Russel Terence Rebello start in Genoa early August 2014.


Costa Concordia enters the port of Voltri in Genoa Sunday, July 27, 2014.



Costa Concordia comes to approach the port of Genoa.


The Costa Concordia Giglio Island bypasses from the north.

Costa Concordia finally leaves the island of Giglio.

The goodbyes forever from the island of Giglio Costa Concordia.

The last hours of the Costa Concordia in Giglio.

While the bailout started exclusive footage behind the scenes of the bailout on the ship.


Asks boxes.


The images on the starboard side of the Costa Concordia.


Inside the command deck.


On 17 September 2013, for the first successful consortium Titan / Micoperi rotation of this giant of over 45 000 tonnes.


In May 2013, a company is monitored by drones Costa Concordia.


Costa Concordia the days following the sinking while the search continues to find survivors.


The first images of the Italian coast guard sinking evening, the Costa Concordia is lying and hundreds of people still evacuated by a rope ladder to the ship.

Infrared Camera Image
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