The sinking of the Costa Concordia








The sinking of the evening

Friday, July 29, 2016 - a "Costa Concordia" movie on screens in 2017 :
According to information that was reported to site, a partnership of German and American TV program production companies would prepare the output of a TV movie about the sinking of the Costa Concordia.

This company could be FremantleMedia, which produces TV shows around the world, and none other than the shareholder Groupe M6, W9, Paris first. On the side of the main shareholder of FremantleMedia, it's RTL Group. FremantleMedia also produces shows like French, "Love is the pre dan" or "Password".

This is the director and British-Canadian producer Roger Spottiswoode, who has made great productions like "James Bond 007 (Tomorrow Never Dies)" or "On the 6th Day", has been entrusted the filming this TV movie. The main actors and actresses in this TV drama are German and Austrian Katharina Wackernagel, Steve Windolf, Florian Teichtmeister.

If nothing officially filter, I know this TV movie will be shot in English and then translated into German, but nothing by cons for a French version. The budget would be invested in the order of 350 to 450 000,00 euros. In view of the elements provided, broadcast on various media and thus making contact with the broadcasters should be well advanced since its first broadcast is scheduled for "2017".

The last cruise
Cruise summary :

The Costa Concordia carries out its winter tourist season in the Mediterranean for Costa Cruises 2011/2012 program, it is called "La Dolce Vita", in English "the good life", but the sweetness of life is most often associated with the fiesta Italian. The ship carries a circle in the opposite direction clockwise in the Mediterranean between France (Marseille), Spain (Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca) and Italy (Cagliari, Palermo, Civitavecchia / Rome and Savona) . In each port of cruise passengers disembark and other ship, cruises last 7 days. Depending on the port that is from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday, etc. etc.

Click on the map to enlarge.

The ship is only one stop in each day in port, it usually arrives around 8 am and leaves between 18 am and 19 pm in the evening. It happens that, depending on the distance between ports, the ship arrived around 13 pm and to start all 19 h or 20 h. These stops allow cruise passengers to go ashore if they wish to make a single trip or trips organized by Costa Cruises.

But during these stops the ship's maintenance checks are performed, supplies (fuel, food and other products), it also happens that for serious technical reasons the ship remains in port for a longer period, this is called a stop technical. Passengers are informed and if it interferes with the conduct of following the cruise, passengers are usually compensated based on prejudice.

Persons on board and the victims :
The Costa Concordia was carrying at the time of the sinking, 4231 people (3208 passengers and 1023 crew members), divided into 60 different nationalities.

The toll was 32 dead (16 women and 16 men) and 175 wounded.

The details of the victims is 27 passengers and 5 crew members, the youngest victim was 5 years "Dayana Arlotti" of Italian origin, the oldest person was 86 years old "Giovanni MASIA" of Italian origin him too.

Friday, January 13, 2012, Civitavecchia / Rome (Italy) :
18:27 p.m. - Before departure from Civitavecchia / Rome (It), Francesco Schettino announcement to officers on the command bridge. "So OK, we will increase the speed as soon as we leave here towards Giglio. Amma ! We are the inchino (reverence) to Giglio. "

The video below is from CODACONS of the black box of the ship and makes you relive the sinking in its audio version and the ship's position on the maritime map.

The weather :
It is night when the Costa Concordia left Civitavecchia / Rome this Friday, January 13, 2012 at 19:18, the weather is cloudy, the temperature is 13° C, with a small wind blowing west to east 20 km / h.

When the Costa Concordia wrecked on the island of Giglio to 21:45 and 7 seconds, the weather is cloudy but visibility is 20 km, the temperature is 4.4° C, there is a little wind that blows from North West at 15 km / h, the sea is calm with a gentle current ...

19:16 p.m. - Departure from the port of Civitavecchia / Rome:
An officer of the Costa Concordia captain's bridge contacts the Port Authority of Civitavecchia / Rome (It):
  • "Call Compamare (harbor master) to Civitavecchia Costa Concordia"
    "I listen to you!"
    "I will communicate our situation. Passengers aboard 3208. Crew members 1023. Our arrival port Savona is tomorrow at 7: 00 am."

The images in the video are not tour in Civitavecchia (It) but in Naples (It) in 2010 by Marco Mannella.

19:18 p.m. - Dropping moorings of Costa Concordia :
The Costa Concordia left the port of Civitavecchia / Rome (It) towards Savona (It).
We can hear in this recording that the number of people on board the Costa Concordia, which was announced several months is not "4229", but "4231", "3208 passengers and 1023 crew members".

19:40 p.m. - Costa Concordia beyond the limits of the port of Civitavecchia (I), it is heading towards the island of Giglio (I) where it is placed in autopilot mode. But at the same time a person "deactivates the alarm system" distance limit and depth limit is two hours before the sinking. This will prevent disabling alarms sonar or echo sonar to do their job, to say this to locate and alert the command bridge of funds shallow and submerged reefs.

The road :
Costa Concordia in the logic was to pass in the middle of an area 15 km wide channel between the island of Giglio and the coast of Porto Santo Stefano, which means at least 7 km from the site of the shipwreck management North / West 44 °, but Francesco Schettino commander decides everything else. It is a tradition among the commanders of Costa Cruises, to the Inchino (reverence), mostly in islands such as Giglio, but also very touristic places of the continent as the Bay of Capri (It), on the web many amateur videos circulating on these Inchinos.

Decision is made and the Costa Concordia is not the way to Savona (it), but to the island of Giglio in Tuscany, passengers for a vast majority are not even informed! Nothing has circulated on this tradition to the evidence log the "Today" the day that all passengers are not in their cabins stipulates. Except few who is close to the table Francesco Schettino commander are informed by himself this Inchino at Giglio.

The sea is calm, the night is clear, the passengers took out their finest evening wear, normal is the Gala dinner. For some of them it is the end of the cruise will be taken to the departure port, "Savona (Italy), Marseille (France), Barcelona (Spain), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Cagliari ( Italy), Palermo (Italy), Civitavecchia / Rome (Italy) ... "in fact, the ship rotates in the opposite direction clockwise, with each of the stopover passengers disembarked and others embarked.

The crewmembers them going about their daily tasks for this gala evening is a nice party and carry safely and in the best conditions the ship and its passengers. While some dancers, singers, musicians, already provide the show in various parts of the ship, especially in Atene Theatre for the second show of the evening, one for passengers who have dined at the first service 19: 00 p.m. While other passengers Diners tuck in restaurants for the second service, the 21: 00 p.m.

21: 00 p.m. - Passengers find that Commander Francesco Schettino comes to sit in the restaurant "Milano" 3 Belgio deck at the stern with a young lady called "Domnica Cemortan."

21: 09 p.m. - Costa Concordia sailed at 302 ° at a speed of 15.8 knots on autopilot. It is located 4.8 miles south of the island of Giglio.

21: 19 p.m. - after several embardés the ship is on a heading of 279 °, the bow facing the island of Giglio. There Ciro Ambrosio the second Francesco Schettion the contact telephone, it is at the "Milano" restaurant to let him know the road that had been defined from Civitavecchia. The passage of the Costa Concordia should be done in 6000 on the island, the turning point to move past the island must be made at 21:39 p.m. to be facing the harbor at 21:44 p.m.

21: 30 p.m. - (Witnesses) Francesco SCHETTINO says passengers around him to get on the promenade deck to witness the Inchino, then he leaves the restaurant always accompanied by "Domnica Cemortan" and goes on the command bridge.

For that Francesco Schettino, will have to cross the ship's stern to the bow (from back to front).

According to other testimony, Francesco Schettino, reaches the head of the company walkway Ciro Onorato and a friend Moldovan Domnica Cemortan, former dancer with Costa Cruises to 21:35 p.m.

21: 34 and 09 seconds p.m. - Arrival of the commander Francesco Schettino on the command deck.

21: 39 and 16 seconds p.m.- Francesco Schettino announcement in English that he takes command of the ship.

  • "Master takes the comm"

He asked the helmsman to switch to manual mode.

  1. "Hand tiller"

21: 39 and 29 seconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "300… Starboard…"

21: 43 and 46secondes p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "340, 350."

The helmsman :

  • "340."

21: 43 and 50 seconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "350 starboard ! Otherwise we go on the rocks."

21: 44 and 14 seconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "Starboard 10 ! 20 Starboard ! Right all ! Left 10, left 20."

21:44 and 58 seconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "Rudder left !"

Here, the helmsman is wrong and it sets the bar right then changing his mind back to the left, but the stern is not going to follow it is 150 meters from the submerged part of the island.

21: 45 and 03 seconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "To the left !"

21: 45 and 07 seconds p.m. - an officer yells :

  • "IMPACT !"

The left rear of the Costa Concordia hit a scole (a set of granite rocks immersed) have perceive in the audio tape of the black box of the vibrations of the ship's structure and all interior elements, alarms occur, the vessel suddenly falls at a speed of 8.3 knots, it loses the propulsion of both engines and will drift at 350 °.

To understand the maneuver commander Francesco Schettino, when it arrives on the command bridge, he realizes that the ship does not follow the originally planned route for the inchino to the island of Giglio. The foam of the waves crashing on the rocks will make him quickly realize that the ship is too close to the coast, it will instruct the time the helmsman to put the starboard rudder to the ship proceeds are can bend and along the coast of Giglio.

Francesco Schettino analysis that the ship's inertia is too close to the coast that will make the stern could hit the rocks. He orders initially, the fact port helm to straighten the bow (front) of the ship and the stern (rear) of the ship that moves to the right and avoids the pitfalls, but the helmsman will not include the order and will set the rudder to starboard, before realizing his mistake and put the port helm. Unfortunately, it is too late speed and inertia will do the ship violently struck the Scole, hard rock more than 500 tons, which will create a gap of 53 meters long with a height of 7.30 meters.

21: 45 and 18 seconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "Close the watertight doors in the back !"

This sentence confirms that Costa Concordia sailed with watertight doors open, and the captain Francesco Schettino is well aware of this practice banned by the International Maritime !

21: 45 and 31 seconds p.m. -

  • Francesco Schettino : "To the left !"
  • Ciro Ambrosio : "Right all !"
  • The helmsman : "Right all !"
  • Francesco Schettino : "Left all !!!"

Again misinterpretation of orders of the commander, and then after 41 seconds it's the blackout !!

Below accident reconstruction through animation Rick Lima makes you relive this tragic moment :

Grazie Rick LIMA (Roma)


At 21 h 56, 11 minutes after the wreck Francesco Schettino contact with his own phone in charge of crisis Costa Cruises Roberto Ferrarini. This is why you only read the voice of Francesco Schettino and not that of Roberto Ferrarini. He tells her the accident and the reasons for his visit to Giglio (I), this would be at the request of the commander retired Mario Palombo, who has a home on the island of Giglio. Note that Mario Palombo denied this version of events at trial. He even said in an interview in the month of January 2015 that he was not an accomplice of Francesco Schettino.

Roberto ?...

Roberto is Fra... This is Francesco, I went to the island of Giglio, here! There was the commander Palombo who said "Get here going on here ..." I went here, and Stern took a low background.

I watched ! I died... no, no... I do not say I said nothing.

To satisfy it, I'm done, I did it... this thing... And I went... in the end, there was this little rock... We are in blackout, it appears that this is due to shock against the stern. We conduct the evaluation.

Apparently now it's done... there is still little background is why the anchor... the water comes almost to stern, the main draw that is why there is a blackout. I do not know... I am destroyed! I'm screwed !

And why ? Well because it is virtually out that we have taken a hit on the stern, just on the stern. Palombo said "come on!" No, no, no, no, not the propeller ! Secondly, I think... only on the part of the stern.

On ... I have to, I'll make the assessment.

No, I was, I was about to fifteen knots and he said (Palombo) to...

I am perhaps it was...

"You can go under, do not worry, go !" I went... I took command of the ship. I went straight to the final I went right into the night... I hit the rocks in a low background, I went on the VDR...

Below with the doll, with dolls... Slightly to the left ! Yes, with the final part of the stern, yes ! And now the water enters the stern !

Hey... we... and I... I'm... I'm here... the main thing I anchored in a low cross... and now I see a moment...

The chief engineer Laccarino radio : Dg1, dg2 and DG3 are flooded. Currently dg1, dg2, DG3, flooded !

Francesco Schettino to Laccarino : well received, well received, well received...

Francesco Schettino to Ferrarini : No, no, I have called you, I'm waiting... Let me see the depth please.

Meanwhile throughout the ship, passengers and crew know it just happened something, but they do not know exactly what, there was vibration, the ship sway slightly, enough to falling objects and passengers...

But no one can imagine for a moment that the Costa Concordia hit a rock just that a breach 50m long has been opened in the hull of the ship and this as a simple box of sardines, as water enters a great speed "V", but especially after the party is hell begins for them !!


Joe Stribley, a young dancer who was lying in his cabin when the boat began to heel, saw the glasses, bottles and objects from his cabin fall to the ground, he was forced to hold onto his bunk it will also say that all the doors were suddenly opened... in panic he will call his family !

One of the passengers is in restaurants "Milano, Roma or Samsara" bridge 3 Belgio, for the second course gourmet meal, or while on decks 9 and 10 Francia Germania to "Parigi restaurant buffet...", The another part of the passenger roam from one place to another where there animation...

Darek Ebbage, a passenger retired say that the Roma restaurant where he was dining with his wife Viv, as he heard a bang, followed by a squeal and then the boat began to vibrate strongly, slid his chair on more than one meter. He added that his wife and the passenger next to her clung to the table...

In addition, because it is the Gala evening, all passengers are in evening dress, women took out their finery, men are not left out, but the evening wear are not made for evacuate a vessel...

One of the dancers Kirsty Cheslin-Nuttall aged 20 located on Deck 3 belgio at the front of the ship where the Atene Theatre is located, confessed that she and her friend had said "whoa, that n ' not look good !" And they looked servers running behind their wagons in the process of overthrowing...

Then she adds, "At first it was shaken, it happens when the sea is rough, but this time around the ship remained lean on the same side." It also says they heard a thud, "Boom! Boom !!" And they have looked and have said, "It is strange !!" But they had orders not to move, they had to wait for the order of the commander...

Some start not even call their families on the continent, while others who were in the bars where restaurants stay seated waiting for information on what had happened...

Meanwhile, in "the Athenaeum Theatre" between the decks Belgio 3, 4 and 5 Grecia Italia, which runs the second show of the evening, the spectators are seated themselves feel the vibration, glasses and falling object, but c is mainly the curtain of the stage show which suddenly is lean, attracting passengers of the eye...

A survivor would even say, "It's like a plane, the plane looks to turn and one does notice anything except that privacy curtains lean right or left..."

Passengers begin to leave the theater, pretty quickly, but with no real panic, it is true that there is no window on the outside...

Another dancer James Thomas said he tried to grab the handrail, but he could not grasp and fell...

Passengers who walk, dance, drink a cocktail or a drink in one of the many bars listening to a singer or a group of musicians, the main bar of the Concordia was the "Grand Bar Berlino" 5 deck Italia, or who play "Barcellona casino" will feel the same vibration, see objects falling or people lose balance and fall...

Sound equipment, armchairs, tables, chairs, bottles, glasses, etc., fall or slip, passengers and crew to lose some balance. Passengers who walk at levels 3, 4 and 5 of the "Atrium Europa", where shops "Art Gallery, Photo Area" located or drinking a drink at the "Europa Bar", or descend the grand staircase "Atrium Europa ", will feel the same vibration, see themselves fall scenes and some even lose their balance...

In the lobby of the "Atrium", is musicians adossaient rear panoramic lifts and opposite the "Europa Bar", the music material will slide several meters...

Parents who are given permission for their children to go into the hall of "Mondo Virtuale" deck 5 Italia, to play with many video games, made available to them. These parents begin to panic and desperate to join their children in the playroom, where the children surely have found nothing too worrying to play...

There are also passengers who are in the lifts and are soon found themselves stuck in the dark after the electricity blackout or the stairs or in their internal cabins...

In January, very few passengers in the outer parts of the ship above night, which means that passengers do not know they are close to the mainland...

But a few are on the promenade deck of the Concordia, Francesco Schettino those that warned of the maneuver he will perform for salvation to the island of Giglio. These passengers will attended the accident with the Scole...

Panic sets in, how could it be otherwise, passengers do not understand why the Concordia leans, and above it will look more and more !

Crew members are trying to reassure the passengers, telling them to stay calm, they control the situation...

Some passengers calmly start to go to their cabins to take warm clothing just in case, they take some medication, and life jackets, although no their say anything at all, but they respect record the meeting information, although there have been no ship evacuation alert...


Meanwhile on the command deck, the officers trying to manage a situation that as the minutes will become unmanageable ...

21: 45 and 59 sconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "Right all."

But the controls do not respond !

21: 46 and 16 seconds p.m. - Francesco Schettino :

  • "Close the watertight doors machinery, emergency panel !"

It receives no verbal panic, but we hear of no fast noises while alarms continue to sound !

21: 46 and 16 seconds p.m. - rudder control loss.

21: 48 and 55 seconds p.m. - Ciro Ambrosio called the engine room.

21: 49 and 16 seconds - telephone conversation between Francesco Schettino and the head of the engine room, Francesco Schettino asked a damage assessment and if water enters the ship. The head of the engine room confirms that the water enters the ship ... We perceive tension in the engine room, but no real panic.

21: 51 and 31 seconds p.m. - Canessa the officer called the engine room for the commander Francesco Schettino.

21: 51 and 50 seconds p.m. - Conversation Francesco Schettino and Pilon Chief engine room.

Schettino : "So what ? For sure we are sinking, I do not understand..." 

Pilon : "eh, eh…"

21: 52 and 25 seconds – In the engine room.

Pilon : "The electrical panel is flooded..."Muscas ! Snaps it fucking emergency diesel !!  Unable to Commander from the ship... "

In the following discussion, the term Francesco Schettino say :

  • "We go to the bottom of the water !"

21: 53 and 23 seconds p.m. - On the command deck, preparing a statement for passengers...

21: 54 and 04 seconds p.m. -

The cruise director on the ship : "I advise you to do a language announcement by the hostess passengers..."

The announcement is in two languages (English and Italian) :

"Ladies and gentlemen, I ask your attention, here's a message from the commander. We have a technical problem, the ship had an electrical failure, the situation is under control. The whole crew of the Costa Concordia made every effort to resolve this electrical problem as quickly as possible. the commander asks you to stay calm, the situation is under control, we do our best to solve this problem. Thanks"

It was around that time that Francesco Schettino contact the head of the Costa Cruises Crisis "Roberto Ferrarini," then according to the black box dialog with its officers...

21: 57 p.m. -

Francesco Schettino contact Roberto Ferrarini the land crisis manager and explained that the ship hit a rock, he explains the situation at the time of the call and made it state of the likely evolution of the situation. It will indicate that the ship is in blackout, but that the propellers are not affected. He also informs that the water comes from behind and that the electrical system is screwed.

But Roberto Ferrarini not measured through the commander about the extent of damage, he does not suspect that two compartments are already drowned! He will contact the technical inspector of Costa Cruises, asking for his opinion, but he did not inform the Costa Concordia is in blackout! Not being informed, the technical inspector will give the wrong instructions, use the bow thrusters for the ship to be placed in a safe place to anchor and do a damage assessment.

21: 59 and 47 seconds p.m. - new dialogue with the engine room :

Christidis : "...No, no, this time it seems that there is no pump that starts..."

22: 00 and 17 seconds p.m. -

Christidis : "DG1, DG2, DG3 are flooded... water continues to rise, close to the engine flywheel..."

16 minutes after impact, the commander could not ignore the seriousness of the accident and the loss of the ship, because the response teams reported that the watertight compartments (WTC) leading the ship were affected.

The WTC are essential to the proper functioning of the ship here are the details :

  • WTC 4, housed the connecting rod bearings and hydraulic units, air conditioning compressors.

  • WTC 5, housed the propulsion electric motors (PEM), the shims fire engines, propulsion, ventilation transformers of the engine room, the transformer drives.

  • WTC 6, housed the three main diesel generators (AFT).

  • WTC 7 housed the three main diesel generators (FWD).

  • WTC 8 housed the ballast and bilge pumps.

22: 06 and 53 seconds p.m. - Conversation between Pilon, head of the engine room, and Ambrosio.

Pilon : "Hello, diesel does not start, I contact you by radio..."

Ambrosio : "It's okay !"

Pilon : "All right, OK !!"

The Concordia leans, and this, more and more strongly in some places corridors where it is difficult to remain standing. A few minutes before the collision, no one could imagine a second that could occur shipwreck. Besides, why be worried ? Why ask questions, he can not get to the floating city of 115,000 barrels there in the movies we see disaster scenarios... The Titanic ? It's so far ! Then it was another time !! You, you imagine 1912, one hundred years, a hundred years! Not the same thing can not happen today... Even the briefing we were told to passengers, "it takes at least three days for a vessel like the Concordia sinks !!"

The free spirit without constraints, here we are not there to think about the problems of everyday life, or think for a second that the worst is in the process of play. Not all are there to relax, have fun, relax, do the "PARTY", do not forget this is the "Dolce Vita" Yes, it's party time, but fate is there, insinuating, and it will plunge the 4231 people in the past, the passengers of the Concordia will take a leap of hundred years ago, there more matter of iceberg, but d a rocky outcrop...

Darek Ebbage and his wife Viv say, "nobody told us anything, not even put our life jackets!"

The niece of a passenger on the Titanic :

For his part "Valentina CAPUANO" 30 years old, from Avellino (Italy) and on holiday on the Costa Concordia will remember a story his parents often told him that his uncle who was a passenger unfortunate Titanic, which sank on the night of April 14, 1912...

But there, more history of the past, most of the movies! All of this is real and height of chance are one "Friday the 13th", Friday, January 13, 2012 the Costa Concordia wrecked, Sunday, April 14, 1912 the Titanic had gone before, to three months nearly one hundred years separate the two shipwrecks ! Passengers might say that at the moment of impact, a music was played in one of the restaurants of the ship "My Heart Will Go On" the song of Celine Dion, soundtrack of the film by James Cameron, "TITANIC" !

What to say, what to think, when we know that the bottle of champagne that was to be used in baptism was not broken against the Concordia's hull in the year 2005... A hundred years ago the owner of the Titanic "Lord William James Pirrie "had not wanted to christen his boat precisely lest the champagne bottle did not break...

Most sailors will tell you that this is not very good, it's bad luck !

But back to that terrible evening, ten minutes after the impact, the electricity will go out, normal engine room and generators is under water...

Francesco Schettino, later admitted : "It is true that salvation was for Commodore Mario Palombo's, with whom I was on the phone. The route was decided as soon as we left Civitavecchia but I made a mistake this approach. I was sailing on sight because I knew deep down that I had done this maneuver three or four times. But this time I ordered the turn too late and I ended up in water that was too little deep. I do not know why it happened, I was a victim of my instincts "...

A few minutes after the collision with the rock, the electricity will be cut off, he remains only the emergency units that run on individual battery... This power failure will cause even more panic, some passengers will rush out on the outside decks where the boats are, do not forget that most do not know they are close to the mainland...

At 22: 06 p.m, a resident of the island of Giglio, receives a call from a passenger, who told him about the accident and the ship is in the dark. It will prevent the Harbour of San Stefano (Ital), who will contact the Concordia immediately:

22: 09 and 26 seconds p.m. - Calling the Captaincy of Porto Santo Stefano (It) :
  • Coast Guard : "Costa Concordia, Costa Concordia is the Captaincy of Porto Santo Stefano, good evening Excuse me, do you have problems on board ?"
  • The officier Canessa : "We are currently checking the conditions."
  • Coast Guard : "Do you need help or do you stay in the area ?"
  • The officer Canessa : "For now, we stay here."
  • Coast Guard : "What's the situation ?"
  • The officer Canessa : "At the moment, we have a blackout and we are trying to resolve..."
  • Coast Guard : "What kind of problem are you experiencing Is it just the generator ?"
  • The officer Canessa : "We check the conditions of the cutoff We check the conditions of the failure..."
  • Coast Guard : "Keep us informed on the situation."
22:10 and 34 seconds p.m. - The officier Canessa called the engine room for Francesco Schettino who wants the head of information Pilon machines !
  • Pilon : "Everything is flooded DG1, DG2, DG3, electric generator ... The water exits through the top of the watertight door..."
  • Francesco Schettino : "I see that the wind pushes me on... here... I doubt... I just want to know one thing from you one thing I want to know. If we have 4,5 and 6. "
  • Pilon : "4, 5 and 6 you do not have the same 1,2 and 3..."
  • Francesco Schettino : "In other words, the engines are all flooded ?"
  • Pilon : "Everything flooded And we also have the main electrical panel filled with water, commander !"
  • Francesco Schettino : "Water goes increasingly !"
  • Pilon : "The water comes much for now..."
  • Francesco Schettino : "I just want to know if the main pumps are running ?"
  • Pilon : "We try to get them started..."
  • Francesco Schettino : "OK." 
This man to please his former trainer, will cause irreparable...

This man of a little over 50 years will be in charge all or part of the death of 32 people, hundreds of injured, the destruction of a cruise ship almost 500 million euros, and which does was under 6 years of life, to undermine the image of his employer, not to mention the damage caused to the flora and the marine fauna of the small island of Giglio and also World Heritage Site overwhelming two Greek ships of Hellenistic period 220 BC.

He who had been technical advice in a French film of Eric Lavaine "Welcome aboard," a few months ago, will "perhaps" panic and try to escape the terrible fate that falls on his shoulders...

The black box confirmed that three minutes after impact with the Scole, Francesco Schettino knows three watertight compartments on the seven that make up the ship were gutted! At 9:48 p.m., he knows that the Concordia is lost !!

Like the Titanic, a ship can float today that it has up to two compartments ripped away there are three, so no chance to save the ship, which inexorably will sink, taking with him hundreds of passengers in that cold night in January 2012...

Concordia continuously its route its momentum, but no means of navigation unless the radio that allows him to communicate with the mainland, it will drift because there also he has no means of propulsion, the 6 diesel engines Wärtsilä are under water...

Francesco SCHETTINO will say in his own words, have set the bar for "any port", and made a 360 °, to return to the island of Giglio the Concordia had passed, around 22: 00 p.m., but it is not possible he knows the ship has no rudder since 21: 46 and 16seconds p.m. !

Confirmed by the experts, it is totally impossible that the commander Schettino is able to do this maneuver! And as the prosecutor Francesco Verusio say, "only the hand of God that the currents and light winds pushed the Concordia on the coast of the island of Giglio..."

Yet with all this information, it still does not give the order to gather the passengers with life jackets at points "A and B" boarding the boats to the bridge 4 Grecia...

This means that passengers and many of the crew members are still not informed that they will have to abandon ship...

A new contact will be taken by the guards ratings within minutes because they receive a lot of phone calls from passengers, families of the passengers and even now the inhabitants of the island of Giglio, and their mayor in head.. .

22: 13 p.m.

  • Coast Guard : "Good evening Costa Concordia, do you have problems on board ?"
  • A ship's officer : "Yes, affirmative We have a power failure on board We check what happens..."
  • Coast Guard : "A relative of a crew member called the police to tell them that many things had fallen to the ground during dinner."
  • A ship's officer : "No, negative We have a blackout and we check the situation on board, we will inform you..."

We see again that the officer on board takes about the same as in the previous conversation...

22:16 p.m. - A ship's officer contact the Maritime Authority of Civitavecchia, for sending two tugboats, the reason is that there is a hole on the port side of the ship, but the situation is under control...

Maritime authorities do not believe too much and start sending first aid, the nearest patrol SFM 104, at the same time other means are sent to the site of the shipwreck: 25 patrol vessels, 14 vessels 4 tugs, 8 helicopters...

22: 18 p.m. - nothing works in the engine room, ballasts wedges pumps and bar are under water. The Costa Concordia is virtually at a standstill and begins to drift towards the southwest. The northeast winds and currents over the jammed rudder to starboard, going to the ship will tour on itself and return to the coast of the island. This effect will be that the house of Costa Concordia will go from port to starboard...

22: 26 and 04 seconds p.m. - Conversation between Fiorito and Pellegrini. Pellegrini asks Fiorito to tell him if the pumps can start, Fiorito says no they can not start, Pellegrini asks why:

  • Fiorito : "because local pumps are also flooded..."

Then Borghero a responsible machine picks up the phone.

  • Borghero : "So here, we lost the engine room one, two, engines and bridge to zero everything is flooded, all the main electrical panel flooded Everything is flooded up to the top deck of the zero, we leave the bridge. "
  • Pellegrini : "the water comes out of the zero point, Commander !"
  • Francesco Schettino : "You must close watertight doors."
  • Ciro Ambrosio : "You must close watertight doors, closes all doors closed .. watertight immediately !"
  • Pellegrini : "cooling problem on the emergency generator... Diesel to cooling problems, danger... 100 degrees... the problem is that the cooling fan is blocked by water..."

22: 31 and  09 seconds p.m. - A lively discussion will take place between officials of the engine room (seeking permission to abandon their posts because they can not do anything, everything is flooded, and the water rises very quickly) and command deck.

At that time Francesco Schettino loose this sentence :

  • "Give me a moment I called Ferrarini (the land crisis responsibly Costa Cruises) !"

We perceive misunderstanding among mechanics, then launches a voice !

  • "Go fast, go fast..."

This will be due every man for himself ! Meanwhile on the command deck :

22: 33 and 16 seconds p.m. -

  • Di Lena : "What do we do, general alert ?"
  • Canessa : "general alert !"

22: 34 p.m. - Calling the Captaincy Livorno (Ita), said the Costa Concordia and asked whether the ship can still navigate, whether to declare the distressed, if we evacuate ?

  • A ship's officer : "Answer yes, ship in distress !"

22: 35 p.m. - Francesco Schettino decided abandon ship after contacting the manager of Costa crisis !

  • A voice cries ! "We leave the ship"

The people of the island of Giglio them see the Concordia that goes right over the island, they say "But what is he doing ?", And added "But it's crazy, it never come into the harbor ! "

They also notice that the Concordia leans already heavily to starboard, it surely comes from water that invaded the compartments that are to starboard of the ship when it is at 360 °. The opposite side of the gap, and this because of the watertight doors was open...

They also noticed that there is more light on board, except the emergency units, and some decide to prevent the Mayor Sergio Ortelli Island and the Port Authority of Livorno...

But during this time aboard the Concordia, panic swells and passengers begin to pile up along the lifeboats, the crew posted to prohibit any boat in the boats, normal they have not received order abandon ship...

There, the tension rises, people screaming, children crying, passengers have no life jacket, they are forced to put children jackets lying on the ground, it becomes every man for himself !

A woman crew member will be addressed aloud to passengers who are close to her, "We have announced our commander, we ask you to return to your cabins, or if you prefer, you can stay in the lounges. once we have arranged our electrical problem in our generator, all will be well. that's why the security lights are on. everything is under control. "

But then she'll say the words that have questioned some passengers : "If you want to stay here, you can, but I ask you to go well in your cabin and stay calm."
"If you want to stay here, you can" is to some words will have the opposite effect. Why say that passengers can stay close to the boats if there is nothing serious ? It's just a power failure ? Any danger to the passengers ?

Passengers will want to still get on the boats because the ship tilts more and more, while others decide to return to warm inside, or simply to go retrieve belongings in their cabins...

22: 36 p.m. - Francesco Schettino asked the passengers to get to points A and B of the deck 4 ship.

22: 40 p.m. - The Costa Concordia is approaching the island, it will once again hitting another scole (rock) instead said "punta Gabbianara" and stop but the commander Francesco Schettino contacted the maritime authorities and states that the Concordia still floating and performs a maneuver to bring at anchor...

22: 47 p.m. - Francesco Schettino decided to drop anchor !

Francesco Schettino : "Abandoned, should be given by the ... keep calm and go to muster stations all..."

Francesco Schettino to that point, no longer has control of the situation... But it is only that "16 minutes" before :

22: 54 and 06 secondes - "1:09 minutes" after hitting the Scole, the Costa Concordia ran aground on the "Lazzaretto punta" the tip of the Lazaretto of the island of Giglio, it looks at this moment more than "20 ° "starboard, and this is also where SCHETTINO Francesco, decided to initiate the abandonment...

  • The officer Bosio : "Order to abandon ship at the passengers !"

22: 54 and 10 seconds - the abandon ship alarm is given, but it was not preceded by an effective general emergency alarm, more passengers will signal that the only warning they have heard is a voice alert and not a mermaid.

The first lifeboats left the ship at 22: 55 p.m. and 23: 10 p.m., but half empty.

22: 58 p.m., the Captaincy of Livorno again asks if the abandon ship was triggered ? The response of the Costa Concordia is "Abandon ship !"

The Captaincy of Livorno (Ita) appeals to all nearby vessels of the accident, launches the departure of boats patrol of police towards the island of Giglio and two helicopters, they will arrive around 23: 50 p.m. to more two hours after the accident...

At that time, the Costa Concordia is already stopped at the place where he is today...

23:32 p.m. - the lodging of the Costa Concordia is so important that dozens of people jump into the water ...

23: 36 p.m. - VDR (black box) stops working.

23:40 p.m. - evacuation accelerates.

0: 00 - the lodging of the Costa Concordia is 40 °.

0: 07 a.m. - From this minute there, the fall of the vessel on its starboard side will be accelerated, it goes from 40 ° to 90 °.

0: 20 a.m. - officers (thus Francesco Schettino) leave the ship, one officer purser Manrico Giampedroni to be found injured 36 hours remained on board to coordinate the evacuation of the ship, while it is still 300 persons on board the Costa Concordia...

0: 28 a.m. - the Costa Concordia is definitely lying in its final position, in 21 minutes the people who were still aboard the starboard side of the vessel or inside the vessel have virtually no chance to get out alive.

0: 34 a.m. - the commander Francesco Schettino notify the maritime authorities that he is aboard a lifeboat with other officers.

0: 36 a.m. - At least 80 people are still aboard the Costa Concordia.

2: 14 a.m. - the ship is in the dark, with dozens of people still on board. Only outside the spotlight of ships that come rescue passengers still aboard helicopters and shed some light on the Costa Concordia.

4: 46 a.m. - evacuation continues.

6:17 a.m. - 30 passengers are evacuated the ship in total 4196 people were saved at that hour. 3 others who were being safe on the ship were evacuated Sunday, January 15, 2012...
Eventually the search operations continued until the discovery of the body last March 22, 2012. That day the balance was 30 dead and two missing !

The sequence of events is drawn in part from the first inquiry report which was made public by the specialized office of the Italian Ministry of Transport Sunday, May 26, 2013...

It is defined in this report as navigation phases before impact are crucial in the accident. Like behavior and the decision to do this dangerous passage in shallow waters of Francesco Schettino Commander are considered the just cause of the accident. The computer simulation confirms the delay in maneuvering the ship in these circumstances.

Contributing factors to the accident were :

  • 1) A ship passing perpendicular to a parallel path being extremely close to the coast and intervening too gently with a wide and smooth cornering.
  • 2) Instead of choosing the most visible monument of the island to make the turn, he was selected point or the light is rare because it is the uninhabited island area.
  • 3) Maintain a high speed (16 knots), in conditions of low light and too close to the coast.
  • 4) The use of inappropriate mapping, namely the use of a map of the Italian Hydrographic Institute nr.6 - 1/100,000 instead of using a card nr.122 - 1/50,000, and do not use nautical publications.
  • 5) bad information that circulated between the commander and his second.
  • 6) The fact of looking through binoculars does not allow a vision and perspective of the net outside at night.
  • 7) distraction commander by the presence of foreigners on the bridge of command or the phone.

This is only a tiny part of the investigation report contains 181 pages. The report also highlights the improvements necessary to protect the vital parts of ships and especially a tight double hull...

Click here to see the report

The dialogue that will make Francesco Schettino a coward for the media and part of the public:
At 1: 46 a.m. on Saturday morning January 14, 4 hours after the accident, an amazing dialogue will stage the commander of Concordia Francesco SCHETTINO and the commander of the captaincy Gregorio De Falco of Livorno. While hundreds of people are still aboard the Concordia, which is now completely bed...
  • De Falco : "Captain Gregorio De Falco commander of the captaincy of Livorno !"
  • Schettino : "Yes good evening Commander De Falco ?"
  • De Falco : "Yes I am Falco of Livorno, I speak with the commander Tell me your name please ?"
  • Schettino : "I am the commander Schettino, commander !"
  • De Falco : "Schettino, listen Schettino There are people trapped on board Now you go with your boat under the prow of the ship on the right side there is a ladder (rescue rope, ed) and you go to... board. you go on board and you tell us how many people. is that clear? I'm recording this communication, commander Schettino... "
  • Schettino : "Commander, I want to tell you something..."
  • De Falco : "Talk to your hands loudly into the microphone and speak in a louder voice, is that clear ?"
  • Schettino : "Currently the ship is tilted..."
  • De Falco : "I understand Listen. There are people down by the bow ladder This ladder you must go in the opposite direction, get on the ship and tell me how many people and what. happens on board. is that clear ? you need to tell me how many children, women and people in need of assistance. and you tell me how many people there are in these categories. C ' is that clear ? Listen Schettino, perhaps you've managed to save you from the sea, but here it will really go wrong... I will cause you enormous trouble. Go on board, for fuck's sake ! "
  • Schettino : "Commander, please !"
  • De Falco : "No, please... There you go now, you go back on board you assure me that you're back on board...."
  • Schettino: "I am already going there, I'm here, I'm not going anywhere, I'm here..."
  • De Falco : "What are you actually doing commander ?"
  • Schettino : "I am here to coordinate emergency... "
  • De Falco : "Who is it that coordinates Now there you go back on board to coordinate emergency aboard You refuse there.?"
  • Schettino : "No, no, I do not refuse !"
  • De Falco : "You refuse to reboard Tell me for what reason you do not go ?"
  • Schettino : "I am not going there because there the other boat (lifeboat) that stopped..."
  • De Falco : De Falco: "You go on board, it is an order You should not think of anything you said abandoning ship Now it is I who command.... You go back on board ! It's clear ? You hear me ? Go ahead and call directly from the boat. On site, there is already my air rescue. "
  • Schettino : "Where are your rescue teams ?"
  • De Falco : "It is in the bow Go... There is already dead, Schettino..."
  • Schettino : "How many dead ?"
  • De Falco : "I do not know .. 1, for sure, I heard It is for you to tell me how the hell !!!."
  • Schettino : "But you realize it is dark and here we can not see anything ?"
  • De Falco : "What you want to do Schettino ? Go home ? It's dark when you want to go home ? Step on the bow of the ship by the ladder and you tell me what can be done, how many people, what their needs are. Right now !"
  • Schettino : "I am with the second commander."
  • De Falco : "Come aboard, both you and your second ! You go on board now, is that clear ?"
  • Schettino : "Commander, I want to get on board, but the other boat here there are other rescuers ... It stopped and it is blocked, I called other rescuers..."
  • De Falco: "This is a time you tell me that now you go on board, GO ON BOARD !! Go on Board... Fuck !!! And you tell me immediately how many people..."
  • Schettino : "Ok, commander !"
  • De Falco : "Go immediately !!"

According to several witnesses, the commander Schettino took refuge on a rock on the island of Giglio. He never ascend aboard the Costa Concordia...


The first interview of Francesco Schettino the sinking of the morning :
On the morning of January 14, 2012, Francesco SCHETTINO gave an interview to a TV channel :
  • Reporter : "Commander is the latest generally said to jump ship How this has happened ?"
  • Francesco Schettino : "We were the last to abandon ship You have the power to decide You must keep a cool head and understand what are the best solutions and I think that in fact, almost all passengers were rescued. "

Hours after the interview, Francesco Schettino the captain of the ship will be detained at his hotel, management Coste Cruises reject him full responsibility for the wreck...

Who authorized Francesco Schettino to change the route of the Costa Concordia ?

Pier Luigi Foschi, who at the material time, the president of Costa Cruises will declare at a press conference : "In this particular case the captain decided to change the road !"

For the lawyer Francesco Schettino : "This is at the request of Costa Cruise he changed course..."

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