The sinking of the Costa Concordia







Francesco Schettino, guilty or scapegoat ?

Presentation of the commander of the Costa Concordia:
Francesco Schettino the captain of the Costa Concordia was born on 14 November 1960 in Castellammare di Stabia in the province of Naples (It), married since 1995 to Fabiola Russo born in 1964, they have a daughter who was born in 1995. Francesco Schettino comes from a seafaring family, his father, his cousins, even his mother (daughter of owners) are in the trades of the sea. Francesco Schettino educated at the Nino Bixio Institute of Piano di Sorrento, prestigious school of officers of the merchant navy. Graduated long-haul captain, he will leave in 1985 to Canada, where he will take command of a tanker.

At Meta di Sorrento, it is known to all, popular with people who know, nice guy, a braggart, friendly, but a bit boastful, too sure of himself. He loves the sea above all, fishing, boats and windsurfing. It is recognized to be a good professional, he has had experience with the Security Directorate of Costa Cruises, where he is very popular here too his bosses.

The head of a restaurant on the Costa Concordia, will tell an Italian newspaper "Oggi", how during a cruise in February 2011, he avoided sending his ship in a huge storm, "We were off Tenerife. Francesco Schettino is the only correct interpretation of weather data. He understood that rushed into the storm and, against the advice of the passengers, took us back to Malaga. other boats found themselves in serious trouble."

Francesco Schettino is described as a nice man and very professional in his private and professional environment. This until Friday, January 13, 2012, that day he will see his life changed in minutes, and in his life that rocks like Concordia, it will tilt 32 persons of life, caused irreparable consequences to hundreds of others, destroy a beautiful ship 500 million, not to mention the destruction of wildlife and marine life !

But why this man who seemingly has always taken its responsibilities is he going to run away like a coward ? Fear of passenger violence ? Or one of his men who are to blame him for having taken in this mess ? Mystery, hope that justice will tell us a little more about this leak.

On Saturday, January 14, hours after the sinking, Francesco Schettino is still on the island of Giglio, the harbor master, Via Umberto, where he found refuge after the sinking. An officer of the captaincy does take a vehicle to avoid journalists and survivors who are still on the island, the Bahamas hotel located via Cardinale Oreglia 500 meters away. At his driver he asked where he could buy socks.

When he arrives at the hotel, he tells her laptop found in a waterproof bag to the boss. But this computer will never be found when the police come to arrest Orbetello they do not mention the presence of this computer. The media might say that a young blonde woman (lawyer of Costa Cruises?) Would come in the morning to the island of Giglio Bahamas Hotel recover him this computer... Photo : Heidi Molstad Andresen

Friday, May 12, 2017 :
The Supreme Court of Cassation confirms the sentence on appeal of Francesco SCHETTINO, he was jailed yesterday evening !
Francesco SCHETTINO will sleep this evening in Rebibbia prison in Rome (I), awaiting the decision of the Court of Cassation before the penitentiary and he immediately became a prisoner.

The lawyers of Francesco SCHETTINO will lodge an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights. Donato LAINO said, "SCHETTINO acknowledged that he was responsible, but not guilty because the Concordia had a control team, he was not alone and the ship had many shortcomings."

Francesco SCHETTINO lived alone in Meta di Sorrento with his dog since his separation with his wife Fabiola and for two days his neighbors no longer saw him walking his dog. In fact, he had left his house to avoid media coverage of his imprisonment and went to Rome (I) pending the decision of the Court of Cassation. At the time his lawyers Donato LAINO and Severio SENESE announced the verdict, Francesco SCHETTINO said "I knock on the door of the prison, because I believe in the justice of my country."

Francesco SCHETTINO, the guardian of Rebibbia prison in Rome (I) who opened the door to him, declared his identity and declared that "I am a prisoner following the verdict of the Court of Cassation."

Francesco SCHETTINO "captain coward" as he was nicknamed by the media did not flee his incarceration, when he could have done it in the past five years, and after the three sentences. No he used every remedy that was possible for him to shout his truth that of a commander who never fled his responsibilities but who did not want to be the only scapegoat in this sad evening of January 13, 2012.

Major Gregorio DE FALCO of the Captaincy of Livorno on the evening of the sinking that was transferred to Naples (I) did not want to comment on the incarceration of Francesco SCHETTINO, just launching to the media a laconic, "No comment !" On the other hand, his wife Raffaella said, "Now I hope he will have time to meditate on what he did, and especially how he managed the aftermath of this terrible tragedy."

May 13, 2017 at 5:10 am - Photo : Heidi Molstad Andresen

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Hearing one of the Court of Cassation.
Opening this morning in Rome (I) of the first hearing of the Supreme Court of Cassation.

12:17 pm - Next hearing on Friday, May 12, 2017. Francesco SCHETTINO was absent.

The civil parties still present, the lawyers of the passengers and crew remaining to be compensated, were also the lawyers of the Ministries of Environment, Defense, Infrastructure, Economy and Interior, Department of Civil Protection, Tuscany Region, WWF, Province of Grosseto, Municipality of Giglio Island, Francesco SCHETTINO and Costa Cruises. The President of the Court Vincenzo ROMIS should give his decision before the end of May, perhaps for the hearing of Friday 12 May. It should be noted that in cases where the Supreme Court of Cassation refers the case to a new Tribunal, the trial and any appeals must be held before the limitation date of 14 July 2019.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 :
Francesco SCHETTINO, two requests for annulment of the appeal.
On the one hand, the defense of Francesco SCHETTINO, lawyers Saverio SENESE and Donato LAINO request that the Supreme Court of Cassation of Rome (I) set aside the appeal on procedural grounds. On the other hand, the request of the Florence public prosecutor (I) requesting the annulment of the sentence of 31 May 2016, in order that in a new trial Francesco SCHETTINO be retried and sentenced to more Heavy, "27 years"...

In this case, there are still many civil parties who have not yet found a financial agreement with Costa Cruises, only 2623 people have found a financial agreement on the 3208 passengers. For the victims 24 families have been compensated and 3 have not yet reached an agreement with Costa Cruises. For the crew members, 964 found an agreement on the 1023, the families of the five crew members were compensated. In total there will still be 44 lawyers during this new trial !

A second hearing is scheduled for Thursday, May 4, 2017, although on this day the criminal lawyers will be on strike.

Monday, March 13, 2017 :
Francesco SCHETTINO, demonstrates that he did not abandon the ship.
Francesco SCHETTINO shows in a video that he published on You Tube on March 9, 2017, that he did not abandon the Costa Concordia. On certain passages of the video we see the commander SCHETTINO who is close to the lifeboat behind the rail, but we also realize that the ship is very inclined, when this film was shot it had to be between 00:07 And 00h13, pictures taken by Enzo RUSSO, between 00 h07 and 00h21, that is to say less than 15 minutes show that it is the time that took to the Costa Concordia to lie down, and therefore to put the part where was Francesco SCHETTINO Underwater, the ship finished to lie down at 00:28. "When I realized that the ship was about to tip over and fall on the last rescue boat that was glued to jump on the boat to save the occupants."

He then proved by an audio recording, a judicial source, that it was Lieutenant Vincenzo MANNA of the Coast Guard patrol who clearly told him to stay on the rocks to organize relief. On the phone call of Commander Gregorio de FALCO, at 1:46, the latter does not take into account the information that Francesco SCHETTINO sent to the rescue. 1) That Francesco SCHETTINO is on rocks. 2) That the vessel is completely laid and that the ship's rail is under water.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 :
Supreme Court of Cassation hearing on 20 April. The prosecutor of Florence "Schettino deserves 27 years in prison".
An Italian lawyer informs me exclusively that the fifth section of the Supreme Court of Rome (I) will rule on Thursday 20 April 2017 at the request of Francesco Schettino's lawyers. The lawyers of the former commander of Costa Concordia Donato Laino and Saverio Senese want a new trial. The motion to quash the trial according to the defense lawyers referred to the lightness of the judges of the Court of Appeal not to recognize the responsibility of the officers and the helmsman of the Costa Concordia, leaving the responsibility for the sinking to the sole commander.

The 6th Division of the Supreme Court has thus validated the request of Francesco Schettino's lawyers and the judge who is going to study this request will be able to decide if the appeal process went well or if there was a defect form. In the case of a validation, the former commander would then be incarcerated normally in the prison of "Poggioreale" of Naples. In the event of the trial being overturned, another court would be seized for a new trial.

On appeal Francesco Schettino was once again sentenced to 16 years and 1 month in prison...

The prosecutor of Florence (I) asks the Supreme Court to quash the sentence on appeal of "16 years and 1 month" and again claims for Francesco Schettino a sentence of "27 years" in prison. For the prosecutor Francesco Schettino was aware of what he was doing and in addition he did not react in the emergency phase and abandonment of the ship, which for the prosecutor is an aggravating circumstance.

Defense lawyers and the prosecutor of Florence (I) are on the same line, the Supreme Court of Rome (I) must quash the judgment of 31 May 2016 of the Florence Court of Appeal (I). Court of Appeal which upheld the Court of Justice of Grosseto (I) who in the first instance had sentenced the only Francesco Schettino to "16 and 1 month" in prison.

As a reminder at the trial in the first instance, the Prosecutor 's Office of Grosseto (I) had asked for "26 years' imprisonment" and during the appeal proceedings it was the Prosecutor' s Office in Florence who had asked him to " Former commander of Costa Concordia.

On the defense side, Francesco Schettino, we want a new trial to lift a large part of the accusation that points the finger at the only commander of the Costa Concordia, while for lawyers, officers and the helmsman, Responsibility for the maneuver of Inchino at Giglio (I). The lawyers also want to highlight the responsibility of Costa Cruises and the Italian classification society RINA, which is in charge of certifying the compliance of ships. On the Costa Concordia the emergency generator breakdown is for lawyers largely responsible for the death of 32 people, as well as lack of crew training.

It is not uncommon for the defense and the prosecution to be on the same line and demand that the sentence of a trial be set aside, for diametrically opposed reasons, the Supreme Court of Rome will follow !!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 :
The details of the trial Costa Concordia bis.
In the Costa Concordia bis case, Judge Gian Marco De Vincenzi sentenced Francesco Schettino to three months 'imprisonment and 15 days' imprisonment in first instance and will deliver his report within three months. As for the main trial, Francesco Schettino will remain at liberty, and according to his lawyer Donato Laino, he will appeal this sentence.

Francesco Schettino is therefore condemned between the two trials and awaiting the appeal, and the decision of the Supreme Court (Court of Cassation) to a total of, 16 years 4 months and 15 days in prison, following the sinking And the deaths of 32 people and 193 wounded.

The judge did not wish to follow up the civil parties "Ministry of the Environment, Legambiente, Enpa and Anmil", who claimed damages, he claims that this request was the case of the Tribunal that had the trial Sinking.

Although Costa Cruises and Francesco Schettino are civilly responsible for this sinking, Costa Croisières has not been condemned again. Ciro Ambrosio, Silvia Coronica and Jacob Rusli Bin were kept out of the trial because they had previously negotiated their sentence.

Thursday, December 22, 2016 :
Francesco Schettino convicted in the trial Costa Concordia bis.
The sentence was expected before the anniversary of the five years of the sinking on January 13, 2017, Major Francesco Schettino was again sentenced by the court of Grosseto (I) to a prison sentence.

Through the voice of Judge Gian Marco De Vincenzi, the Court of Grosseto (I) convicted the Commandant of Costa Concordia for; "The endangerment and breach of the safety of seafarers Article I.271", and "Environmental degradation of the island of Giglio", to a penalty of 3 months for violation of the rules of Security and 15 days imprisonment for failure to train the crew and 5,000 euros fine for environmental degradation.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 :
When the verdict of the "Supreme Court of Cassation".
Many Internet users asking me when the Supreme Court of Cassation will rule on the appeal of Francesco Schettino, I can only answer one thing !

Unlike France, the Italian Court of Cassation to a section filter, the 6th section more exactly, this filter section will study the admissibility of the appeal, the latter is clearly founded or unfounded. If the appeal is well founded, a judge will consider the various possibilities, break the sentence on appeal or partially annul it for the opening of a new trial. If the appeal is unfounded, Francesco Schettino will then be placed under nuts and carry out his sentence without going beyond the filter section.

In France, the Court of Cassation generally ruled within a maximum period of 13 months after the filing of the appeal, but in France for the year 2015 there were only "27,000" appeals to be Contrary to Italy which had an impressive number of "105,000" appeals for the same year, according to a specialist whom I contacted, it took several months or even several years depending on the file and The priority of making a quick verdict. It is certain that for voluntary homicide with nuts the delay may be more rapid according to the profile of the accused.

In the case of the sinking of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino has not been placed under lock and key which may cause the Court of Cassation to take more time, but it must be borne in mind that the case was mediated, and That there are many civil parties.

It can be seen that the delay is difficult to give, because, as in France and, on the contrary, the Courts of Justice, there is only one Court of Cassation in Rome (I) 6 months and 4 years ....

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 :
Trial Costa Concordia bis, Schettino "2 months imprisonment and 6,000 euros fine".
A trial that has been somewhat forgotten the "Costa Concordia bis trial", which concerns "endangering and breaching the safety of seafarers Article I.271", and "Environmental degradation of the The island of Giglio ", which opened on March 24, 2016, at the hearing of November 2, the indictment of the prosecutor of the Republic and the first demands of the civil parties.

The judge is Gian Marco De Vincenzi.

Place of trial Court of Grosseto (I).

The prosecutor of Grosseto (I) Alessandro Leopizzi claimed against Francesco Schettino a sentence of 2 months in prison for "the endangerment and the breach of security of the seafarers, article I.271" Of the crew of Costa Concordia.

Regarding the request for, "Environmental degradation of the island of Giglio", the prosecutor considered the damage inflicted on the natural heritage of the island to be slight, for it is not as if the ship was Remained rusty in the seabed of the island. It considered that this prejudice depended on Article 734 and therefore claimed a fine of 6,000 euros.

The civil parties of this trial are the Ministry of the Environment, Legambiente, ENPA Giustizia per la Concordia, WWF and ANMIL (the national association of mutilated and invalid workers).

The Italian Ministry of the Environment, through the voice of its lawyer Patrizia Pinna claims for its part to Costa Cruises the reimbursement of the expenses disbursed by the Italian State which is in the amount of, "935,520 euro". It is noted that the lawyer stresses that this is for the time being only a provision and requests a period of 30 months after the end of the works of rehabilitation of the seabed to close this case.

For the ANMIL (the national association of mutilated and disabled workers of labor), by the voice of its lawyer Massimiliano Gabrielli, the fault of this sinking falls to Costa Cruises, because it is the employer to guarantee that the places Employees are safe and healthy. For the association there is moral damage and Costa Cruises must be sentenced to punitive damages, the association claims "100,000 euros".

ENPA Giustizia per la Concordia, by the voice of lawyer Ricci, claims "4,000 thousand euros".

At a forthcoming hearing therefore the date was not stopped, will be heard the requests of the other civil parties and the pleadings of the lawyer of Francesco Schettino and the lawyer of Costa Cruises. This hearing must take place before 13 January 2017, which corresponds to the expiry date of the five years after the sinking.

Friday, November 11, 2016 :
The Tuscan region stops legal proceedings against Costa Cruises.
The Tuscan region decided to stop the legal proceedings in the sinking case. She said she was pleased with the progress of work on the rehabilitation of the seabed on the island of Giglio (I).

But she is also more than satisfied with the damages she has received, she claimed 300,000 euros and she received "350,000 euros" from Costa Cruises.

Saturday, October 29 2016 :
Francesco Schettino active member of the PS, the Italian Democratic Party ?
In May 2014, Francesco SCHETTINO had supported (video) in the municipal election his friend the current mayor of Meta di Sorrento (I), Giuseppe TITO, newly elected councilor for the city of Naples (I) label under the PD, the Democratic party of Italian Prime Minister Matteo RENZI.
Saturday, October 15 2016 :
Francesco Schettino cassation.
Francesco Schettino's lawyers filed the court of Naples (I) Tuesday, October 11, 2016 the cassation appeal will be reviewed by the Supreme Court of Rome (I) to cancel the sentence of 31 May 2016, 16 years in prison court of Florence (I).

As was expected if the former commander of the Costa Concordia has filed a cassation to the Supreme Court of Rome (I). Too many shadows, too much mystery surrounding the sinking and although Francesco Schettino has some responsibility, will, of course to save his head, is good for this type of tragedy never happens again more.

As this history of violation sealed deck 8 (command bridge) and the bridge 11 (the local emergency electrical generator), by people who had nothing to do there and it just before the end of the investigation and reconstitution of the night of the sinking. A representative of Costa Cruises is involved in this case Franco Porcellacchia, case that drags on and who should know his conclusion that the end of 2017.

Sunday 4 September 2016 :
Captain Gregorio de Falco attack Costa !
Captain Gregorio de Falco, the unfortunate hero of the famous phrase to Francesco Schettino has been around the media world "Vada a bordo, cazzo !" (Go on board, damn !). Comes in an Italian media "It Tirreno" on his shelved, precisely because of this sentence. He says, he did not give up the ship "administration", although today it is in a closet, but he wants to put the record straight.

Francesco Schettino remains the "bad guy" by his lack of responsibility and on the other side he openly accuses Costa Cruises, "There were serious shortcomings in this business, the emergency generator was not working, only one phone call to manage home Costa crisis. " For Gregorio de Falco responsibility Costa is fully committed ! But for him it will be at least the merit reframed things for this to not happen again. He also states that every year he will return to Giglio to embrace the families of the victims during the official commemoration. Il tirreno  

Tuesday 30 August 2016 :
Sentence - The motivations of the report of the sentence of Tuesday, May 30, 2016.
The Florence Court of Appeal (I) issued its report on the sentence of 31 May 2016, it retains among others that, "Francesco Schettino has voluntarily left the ship while it was aware that people were still on the port side of the ship, or in any case at least it had serious doubts in this regard and decided anyway to definitively away from Concordia."

The judges did not want to remember that at the review hearing the commander of the Costa Concordia had said that when he jumped on the roof of the lifeboat he did not know that there were people still on board. For judges Francesco Schettino lied rescuer Tosi and then the commander Gregorio De Falco.

On the road to follow before the sinking, "intends Schettino was not to follow the route of the cartographer, but to navigate by instinct sailor, closer to the island, confident in his ability."

Francesco Schettino will now be appealed on points of law to the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome (I).

The motivations of the report of the sentence

Thursday, July 7 2016 :
The sentence - Date of publication of the report of the sentence of Tuesday, May 31, 2016.
It is Tuesday, August 30, 2016 the Court of Appeal will report that led to the confirmation of the sentence of 16 years in prison in the first instance against Francesco Schettino. From that date, Francesco Schettino have three months to appeal the decision by filing an appeal before the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome (I). Store info
After the judgment on appeal Francesco Schettino speaks :
Thursday, June 16, 2016 - Francesco Schettino decided to talk following confirmation by the Florence Court of Appeal (I) of his sentence to 16 years in prison and damages of so colossal that will ever pay :

"With the 32 victims on the night of shipwreck I'm dead !"

"I'm not to mistake. We were half a mile from the coast, and at this distance the conduct of the vessel is entrusted to the officers, not the commander. The first officer Ambrosio, was in charge of water measures. the third Coronica, was responsible for monitoring the radar. the officer, Ursino, did not say clearly whether he was doing at the time.

Nobody said a word, no one told me, sir, we are at the minimum distance ! Commander, look out ! The helmsman Rusli Bin, understood neither Italian nor English !

Interpol was unable to find him, they looked everywhere except at home in Jakarta, while with a simple telephone call and the technology of today they would have found.

I have to obey orders when the night comes, I remember more than anything. Since I can not sleep ! All these deaths...
The black box shows that the last order was to turn left and Rusli Bin veered to starboard, maybe he was in a panic, he probably misunderstood.

Bulkheads did not shut properly, they demolished the Concordia, and we have no proof. There are testimonies yes, but apparently not enough.

In the end, the last ship of the bolt is unscrewed and with his commander, if the judgment is upheld by the Supreme Court, I'll pass the gate of the prison. I will pay for all !! "

Francesco Schettino also speaks of this video that has never been made public by the media which refers to the port of San Giorgio del Porto (I) call the captaincy of Livorno (I) :

"The commander of Concordia said our patrol boats are in the wrong place.... Far from the ship rocked."

Then there was that phone call from De Falco, who has toured the world "Go back aboard, damn!" Nobody will revive the 32 passengers were killed, Giglio will remain a tragedy without possibility of return, which is a day in history without being demolished.

I am the scapegoat and I'll pay for everything ! "

Trials and judicial penalties :
Tuesday, May 31 2016 :
The sentence - Francesco Schettino is sentenced to 16 years in prison.
At 20 h 30, after a long day of deliberations in camera and the carry 3 times the time of sentencing, the court of Florence (I) composed of the President Grazia D'Onofrio, and its accessor, Linda Vennucci and Angelo Crieco confirmed the sentence 16 years imprisonment given by the court in Grosseto (I) in the first instance. His ban from exercising his profession (vessel commander) remains at 5 years as at trial.

The Court of Appeal also confirmed the offenses of: shipwreck, abandoning ship while there were still people on board (some disabled) false information given to the captaincy, multiple manslaughter, physical and psychological wounds.

The provision for passengers from 30 000 to 45 000 euros. The Court confirms the 300 000 euros of damages and interest for moral damages to the municipality of the island of Giglio.

On leaving the court of Florence (I) the Attorney General Giancarlo Ferrucci, who had claimed 27 years and 3 months in prison would not comment on the sentence. Their rate the attorneys Grosseto (I) Leopizzi Alessandro and Maria Navarro, have just launched to the press : "Look satisfaction on our faces !"

For the former prosecutor of Grosseto (I), Francesco Verusio who was in charge of the case before retiring a few days before the first sentence in the modern theater of Grosseto (I) and which at the time had claimed 26 years in prison, said : "I am happy because the award was confirmed, but the penalty is still light, he deserved more for what he did."

On the side of the defense lawyers Severio Senese and Donato Laino, Francesco Schettino was in shock and disappointment of not being heard : "We need to understand why the court of second instance has come to this reasoning, we must understand the reasons, it is clear that the decision did not take account of our arguments. We still need to call, give us time to do it. "

It is clear from this response that the defense will file an appeal, which will be held at the Palace of Justice, Rome (I). In the meantime, Francesco Schettino will remain free, because no request for provisional detention for risk of absconding was filed, as had been the case during the first trial in Grosseto (I).

  • 20. 28 pm - still waiting for the award !
  • 18. 03 pm - the time of the award is extended to 19 h 30.
  • 14. 42 pm - President of the Court of Florence (I), Margherita Cassano, just spoke urgently to give the press the right to work, this means that it allows video recording and disseminating sentence.
  • 13. 44 pm - Confirmation of the absence of television for the sentence : Florence Court of Appeal of (I) composed of the President Grazia D'Onofrio, and accessors, Linda Vennucci, Angelo Crieco, publishes the formal order N.5115 / 15 RG, No.285 / 12 dated Tuesday, May 31, 2016, prohibits any means of video recordings in the courtroom, as permitted by the articles of the Italian Penal Code 470 598 cpp, 147 disp .att cpp.
    13. 13 pm - the judges would no video recording of the award.
    12. 15 pm - the sentence not before 18 pm, according to a journalist from the TGR RAI Tuscany.
    9. 51 am - Severio Senese "That one man can not be sentenced to as heavy!"
    9. 45 am - Francesco Schettino is still absent.
In the case of another sentence that the acquittal, lawyers, Francesco Schettino seize the Court of Cassation (Corte Suprema di Cassazione) based in Rome (I). Regarding the detention of Francesco Schettino, it is noted that in an order issued April 7, 2015, the Florence Court of Appeal (I) had rejected the request of the prosecution of Grosseto (I) and left Francesco Schettino free. It may well decide that the award Tuesday, May 31, there also is matched to a request left free pending the Supreme Court decides the case. In case of seizure of the Court of Cassation, it could decide fairly quickly, at least before the end of the year.
Friday, May 27 2016 :
Audience 10 -
It was in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 31, 2016 the President of the Florence Court of Appeal (I) Grazia D'Onofrio, will make its decision on the sentence to give against the former commander of the Costa Concordia Francesco Schettino. In the morning the Court of Appeal will meet in closed session to deliberate.

For the record the Attorney General demanded a sentence of
"27 years and 3 months imprisonment" and defense outright acquittal Francesco Schettino, and the opening of a new trial with all actors responsible for the sinking.

Severio Senese lawyer, Francesco Schettino said : "Schettino has confidence in the judges of the Florence Court of Appeal and he hopes that the court listened to our requests and that it will reverse the verdict Schettino hope. the Court of appeal was careful in its assessments and we defenders are convinced that this will be the case. There have been mistakes made in the first instance by the Court of Grosseto (I) and we are confident that the Court of Florence appeal will correct these mistakes. "

Massimiliano Gabrielli civil party lawyer passengers, called again for punitive damages. What challenges the Costa Cruises lawyer Marco De Luca, who rather it speaks of passengers will increase the amounts Costa Cruises data after the wreck, regardless of the culprit Francesco Schettino, but given that Costa Cruises is legally liable.

Wednesday, May 25 2016 :
Audience 9 -
Requisitions floors and the Attorney General calling for a sentence of 27 years and 1 month against Francesco Schettino. It is rumored that the sentence could be higher than 16 years and 3 months, given in the first instance, and less than that demanded by the Attorney General, "20 years". Friday, May 27 it will be the turn of the Costa Cruises responsible party.
Monday, May 23 2016 :
Audience 8 -
Alessandra Guarini pool of lawyers "Giustizia per la Concordia" and represent the interests of a few survivors of the shipwreck has asked the Court to transmit all call records to the prosecutor of Grosseto (I) to open a judicial investigation against the former CEO of Costa Cruises Pierluigi Foschi. During preliminary investigations Pierluigi Foschi and four other officials of Carnival and Costa Cruises, and five co-defendants and Francesco Schettino was accused of sinking, involuntary multiple homicide.

Francesco Schettino is now alone on the dock and it is not normal for Alessandra Guarini, others had then traded penalties they are as responsible as Francesco Schettino. This request if accepted by the Florence Court would bring a new look at sharing sinking of responsibilities and would open the doors of a new trial as demanded by the defense.

The Italian social security "INAIL" claims his side a sum of 800,000 euros to cover the costs of employees of the Costa Concordia injured in the wreck.

Friday, May 20 2016 :
Audience 7 -
Saverio Senese second lawyer Francesco Schettino said this morning to the Court : "I do not consider the request to absolve reckless Francesco Schettino This grave injustice that was committed, there was a fury that can not be explained. We insist that the evidence is not existing ones, they have been interpreted the wrong way. the judges at first instance had systematically ignored the general rules to which they must be referenced in a trial, demonstrating contempt for the most basic rules. "

For the lawyer Saverio Senese : "Delaying the general alarm was a wise choice."

Saverio Senese asked the Court to have access to certain documents, only the charge has since Francesco Schettino has no financial means because of foreclosures : "You have the power to obtain these documents, we can not not. There is no equality between the prosecution and the defense, the prosecution has all means, I only have one computer and one secretary. So when the customer does not have financial resources, I can not make use of consultants."

He also denounces the errors of the helmsman : "for eight errors scientifically proven Indonesian helmsman who did not properly evaluate the orders, you should ask an expert. These actions, however, may possibly be highlighted in a second instance trial if the Court of Appeal instead of proceeding to judgment, decides in future hearings to reopen the debate."

On the sentence requested by the prosecutor of Florence (I), the lawyer said : "Demand for me 27 years seems disproportionate to the facts so serious to the extent of any fault. 32 people died, but more than four thousand were not endangered."

Addressing the public prosecutor Giancarlo Ferrucci, claiming the 27 years in prison, the lawyer Francesco Schettino says : "It is unacceptable in a civilized world to pronounce a sentence like that, it's almost a life sentence"

Then, turning to the Court : "Dear Francesco Schettino judges acquitted because he did not cause the sinking, his orders were followed by no coordination, they have no effect on deaths, injuries , Schettino did not flee, Schettino did not give up the ship."

The commander of the captaincy of Livorno Gregorio de Falco said : "Apart from Schettino, the guilty have not been punished rather rewarded, or marginalized !".

For a civil party : "Schettino should have respect and not deny his responsibility."

Thursday, May 19 2016 :
Audience 6 - In defense there, "Is no evidence of total guilt Francesco Schettino."
Donato Laino lawyer Francesco Schettino, said this morning the Court that the sinking of the Costa Concordia was not the result of one man, but of an entire people : "History and an accident organizational, a system that does not work, a system that had holes everywhere. If we do not see these acts, we do not see the truth of the facts. "

Donato Laino will tackle the famous phone call between the client and Gregorio de Falco : "This phone call is an extract of the computer recording the captaincy of Livorno, which dated January 14, while he did not know how many had died. that call was the leitmotif for the Schettino captain coward. As against the rest of the files themselves were extracted on 18 and 21 January, only the extract of 14 January was unveiled to the public ! However, we have not discovered that revealed the confidential nature of this part of the investigation and yet everyone was able to discover this very serious offense, and that conditioned the outcome of the investigation, shedding all responsibility Schettino on.

The dead are there because the whole system did not work. for example, the responsibility for the death of the ship's workers can not be attributed to Schettino, but the head of security. but Schettino is accused of that too !

5 workers died in the wreck and 150 were injured, and what should a prosecutor ? Open a death for instruction in the workplace. Instead there were no differences, except after the fact. By cons, there was an indictment against Schettino who immediately conditioned the whole process.

The judge asked us to do an offering, but we answered "no" because we want to move forward to highlight all organizational deficiencies on the ship. "

In defense there, "Is no evidence of total guilt Francesco Schettino."

Thursday, May 10 2016 :
Audience 5 - "No post-traumatic stress syndrome" !
At the hearing of this day, the lawyer Marco De Luca Costa Cruises rejected requests for additional compensation sought by the municipality of the island of Giglio (I) and that of the Italian Ministry of the Environment. But also those requested by the civil party lawyers of victims and survivors.

Marco De Luca, damages and interest paid following the decision of the first trial in Grosseto (I), plus those already paid after the shipwreck are not sufficient and instead of being challenged in this appeal.

In detail :

As regards the island of Giglio, the lawyer stressed that the sinking of the Costa Concordia was significantly increase tourism to the island of Giglio (I) and allowed that the island is known around the world, a free advertising form for the municipality of the island.

Marco De Luca praised the islanders for their courage, their generosity and efforts of gigliesi people. For the lawyer that attitude of residents was welcomed and allowed the island again, is recognized around the world and has only increased tourism and never lower it. It also addresses the work on the island since the beginning of the Costa Concordia, without the shipwreck they would never have been made.

Marco De Luca, also attacked the Ministry of Environment, which it accuses of having made a report on environmental degradation following the sinking and withdrawal of the vessel, while the report was not signed by the person in fact the study of environmental degradation. This report is unacceptable and must be removed from the legal proceedings, counsel for Costa Cruises.

For victims and survivors, the lawyer also dismissed the claims of the civil party lawyers, it rejected the existence of damage caused by "post-traumatic stress disorder." The amounts paid to victims in accordance with the judgment in first instance have no reason to be increased.

Next hearing Monday, May 16, 2016.

Monday, May 9 2016 :
Audience 4 - the incompetence of the officers of the Concordia captain's deck !!
During these two new hearings this week to be heard other civil parties which, the municipality of the island of Giglio (I) and CODACONS consumer association.

Counsel for CODACONS Giuliano Leuzzi highlights "the inconceivable incompetence" officers of the command bridge to report to the commander Francesco Schettino as the ship bearing down on the island of Giglio (I). It also points to the helmsman Jacob Rusli Bin, head of the wrong maneuver that the ship struck the scole. Or technical failures of the Costa Concordia, in particular the emergency generator that is the cause of the lack of electricity to power the lifts and cranes lifeboats.

For CODACONS concerning the technical part, Francesco Schettino bears some responsibility, but for Costa Cruises association is also responsible for the technical failures.

Other elements were put forward as that concerning compensation for the civil parties, and the fact that Costa Cruises had purchased two insurance policies to cover damages in case of any accidents in the amount of $ 2 billion . For civil party lawyers, it would be good if these are used to increase the compensation for survivors.

Friday, May 6 2016 :
Audience 3 - no lawyers Francesco Schettino !
For this third hearing, counsel for Francesco Schettino were not present, which had the merit of quite upset lawyers and Francesco Bavacqua  Raffaella Tucci of the Tuscan region. The Tuscan region highlights the moral and material damage it has suffered with the sinking of the Costa Concordia, and she protested against the fact that Costa Cruises will not acknowledge this request at first instance had been recognized by the court Grosseto (I) at least for the part of the material damage. The Tuscan region requests confirmation of the first instance for the material damage (environmental damage and financial loss on Tourism to the island of Giglio) and a provision of EUR 50 000 for moral damages.

For lawyers Francesco Schettino, Donato Laino his absence was expected, by cons for Saverio Senese, he was prevented at the last minute who made it could not be present. Two firm's lawyers were present to defend Francesco Schettino. They reiterated that if the commander of the Costa Concordia was not present is that it does not wish to publicity surrounding the case. It will come before the Court that to talk about facts, not about him.

Alessandra Guarini lawyer of the association "Justice for Concordia", asks the Court of Florence (I) that the compensation for each passenger (excluding families of the victims and serious injuries) are equal to that obtained by the friend of Francesco Schettino , Domnica Cemortan 30,000 euros. This compensation awarded at first instance by the court in Grosseto (I), 11 February 2015, to physical and severe psychological damage.

Alessandra Guarini, also asked the Court of Florence (I), the fact that to date the plaintiffs have only part of the truth about the real causes of the sinking. That the ship's officers, those of the Costa Crisis ashore and Costa Cruises are again audition and place of their responsibilities to prevent the final judgment remains incomplete. For the lawyer they are responsible not only Francesco Schettino.

For the lawyer Cesare Bulgheroni, Francesco Schettino must meet before the Court to three specific questions: Why did you at the inchno ? Why was the anti-collision alarm off ? Why did he wait so long to trigger the general alarm ?

He also stressed that Costa Cruises is much more responsible than what one wants to say it and it comes out of the award.

For civil party lawyers, Francesco Schettino is not the only one responsible !

Wednesday, May 4 2016 :
Audience 2 -
For this second hearing, it is the turn of the civil parties to comment !

Counsel for the Department of Environment Patrizia Pinna asked for repairs of environmental degradation of the island of Giglio (I) are supported by Francesco Schettino and Costa Cruises. "In the first instance verdict of the court of Grosseto (I) it was recognized that there was environmental damage, but it did not trouble the accused Francesco Schettino and Costa Cruises."

Today the Ministry of Environment request confirmation of first instance sentences for victims and wounded, but would like to be added a conviction for environmental destruction and Francesco Schettino and Costa Cruises will pay the costs of reclamation work seabed. Costs which can be estimated only after the end of the material removal work used for the suppression of Costa Concordia Giglio Island.

Next hearing Friday, May 6, 2016 at 9: 30 am hearing that will always be devoted to civil parties.

Thursday, April 28 2016 :

Audience 1 - 27 years and 3 months !

Reading the indictment. Constitution of civil parties.
This morning it is open to the court of Florence (I) the appeal trial of Francesco Schettino, where the commander of the Costa Concordia did not wish to be present to avoid too publicized trial. For him the trial must be the truth, it is that he is guilty, but he will not be the one to blame, without his presence he hopes the discussions will turn more on the technical side and will forward the real reasons for the shipwreck.

For his part, the prosecutor of Grosseto (At) which had appealed to him as the sentence calls to date 26-year sentence for the commander of the Costa Concordia.

By cons at the end of the reading of the indictment, the Attorney General Giancarlo Ferrucci called him a heavier sentence against the commander of the Costa Concordia, "27 years and 3 months !" By listing the charges against Francesco Schettino : "Francesco Schettino is guilty of sinking multiple negligent homicide, multiple injuries by neglect, abandonment and false information provided to the Captaincy of Livorno (I). "

  • - 9 years: for the sinking.
    - 15 years for manslaughter and negligent homicide multiple injuries.
    - 3 years for abandoning ship and the people who were still aboard.
    - 3 months for false declaration to the competent authorities (harbor Livorno) has a voluntary guilty with aggravating circumstances.

The Attorney General Giancarlo Ferrucci to also rejected requests from defense lawyers: hearing cartographer Simone Canessa (which was not good charts), the helmsman Jacob Rusli Bin (who did not understand the order its commander) and Ciro Ambrosio and Silvia Coronica officers who remained silent while the ship bearing down on the island of Giglio. The Attorney General also refused a showdown for comparison of the minutes of the investigation of the reasons of sinking between Francesco Schettino and his second Ciro Ambrosio.

Costa Cruises through his lawyer Marco De Luca told the court : "The first instance repairs are almost all closed, except for a few that affect the municipality of the island of Giglio, as civil party, and shipwrecked represented by an association. We have a little relief in what has been set, but we believe that the confirmation would be a good goal. "

The civil party lawyer Massimiliano Gabrielli has meanwhile told the court : "We obviously asking for more money, but above all justice, we also seek to extend responsibility to Costa Cruises, always absent in the dock. and that an important part, it is the company that created the ground for Schettino can implement this tragedy. "

Wednesday, April 27 2016 :
The President of the Court of Appeal will be a woman :
Grazia D'Onofrio will be the jury president of the Florence Court of Appeal (I) in the revision of the sentence of the first trial that condemned Francesco Schettino to the trouble of "16 years and 1 months' imprisonment. At this first hearing will consist civil parties. Confirmation of the request during the first hearing by counsel for Francesco Schettino, Saverio Senese and Donato Laino cancellation of the award of the first trial. Confirmation as to the absence of Francesco Schettino (see below).
The commander Gregorio de Falco speaks of "scapegoats" :
In Italian media, the former commander of the captaincy of Livorno (I) Gregorio de Falco compares the sinking of the Moby Prince and the Costa Concordia and thus the appeal trial of Francesco Schettino, which opens tomorrow in Florence ( I). He says this amazing thing he had raised at his shelved : "The judgment of Concordia today appeared properly framed with all the responsibilities on board the ship, but on the ground, I feel there were a few scapegoats, with some plea bargaining and completely closed, just like it happened in his time specifically for the Moby Prince. "

At the time (1991) the ferry Moby Prince had hit an oil tanker Agip Abruzzo, in the port of Livorno (I) and caught fire, fueled by oil cargo, the toll was 140 dead, including the commander ferry, Ugo CHESSA and its crew. The entire responsibility for the accident had been rejected on the captain and his officers watching supposedly a football game on television. Today an Italian parliamentary inquiry has been opened and that would seek responsibility in the accident the US Navy, which made maneuvering in the Italian port. The commander Gregorio de Falco he throws a stone into the pond to bring water to the mill of Francesco Schettino and he really knows the reason for the sinking of the Costa Concordia, if it deviates from the simple human error.

Counsel for Schettino demanding the acquittal :
Lawyers Saverio Senese and Donato Laino Francesco Schettino will be requested in the appeal hearing the acquittal of the former captain of the Costa Concordia, they filed three acts going in that direction. For its part the prosecutor of Grosseto (I) requires the trouble he had already claimed at trial is, "26 years in prison."
Tuesday, April 26 2016 :
Francesco Schettino will not be present at the trial :
According to an Italian source, Francesco Schettino should not be present during hearings of the appeal trial in Florence (I) and that to avoid media overexposure unless the judges summoned him to testify. His lawyers will present briefs of 9 pages written by the former commander of the Costa Concordia magistrates. Francesco Schettino prefers a technical process rather than the trial of a man.
Wednesday, March 24 2016, opening today in Grosseto the trial Concordia bis  :
The trial against bis Francesco Schettino and Costa Cruises* for "Endangering people and breach of the security of the item I.271 sea," and "Environmental degradation of the island of Giglio," opens aujourd 'hui in court Grosseto (I). During the first two hearings, Francesco Schettino was absent due to the first hearing of an emergency hospitalization and the second lawyer Donato Laino had not given reason to excuse the absence of his client.

The civil parties in the trial:
Ministry of Environment, Legambiente, ENPA Giustizia per la Concordia, WWF and Anmil (the National Association of maimed and disabled workers work).

The dates of the hearings of the trial court of Grosseto (I) respect the dates of hearings the appeal hearing to be held by him against Florence (I) (below) : Today march 24 and 4 , 8, 11, 18 April, on 12 and 30 May and 10 June.

The dates of the trial on appeal from the trial to be held at the court of Florence (I) : Thursday, April 28 and 4, 6, 9, 10, 16, 19, 20, 23, 25, 27 May 2016.

* Three of the civil parties, "the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the defense association of the Italian environment Legambiente and the National Association of maimed workers and workers with disabilities", called for the subpoena as that "respondent" (individual or corporate) Costa Cruises and it alongside Francesco Schettino.

Monday, March 21 2016, death of the first lawyer Francesco Schettino :

Bruno Leporatti first lawyer Francesco Schettino after the sinking of the Costa Concordia has died at the age of 61 on the night from Saturday to Sunday at the Hospital Saint-Jean-de-Dieu in Orbetello in the province of Grosseto (I) a long illness. In November 2012 he withdrew from the defense of Francesco Schettino for reasons that were at the time a little fuzzy. But in October 2013 we learn that in fact he had received a few days before retiring a letter containing a bullet of 6.35 and a letter threatening to no longer defend the commander Francesco Schettino. The funeral will take place today in the city of Orbetello (I).

Tuesday, March 8 2016, the sentence of the appeal trial known :
The court in Florence (I) should give its decision in the appeal trial of Francesco Schettino, Friday, May 27, 2016.
Monday, March 7 2016, Costa Cruises "Defendant" alongside Francesco Schettino :
Today it is open to Grosseto (I) the trial sinking of the Costa Concordia on complaints of "Endangering people and breach of the security of the item I.271 sea" and "degradation of the environment of the island of Giglio ".

Initially there had to be two minutes, but the judge Gian Marco De Vincenzi wanted to merge the two cases on 25 January.

Three civil parties, "the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the defense association of Italian environ Legambiente and the National Association of maimed workers and workers with disabilities", called for the subpoena as "respondent" (individual or corporate) Costa Cruises and it alongside Francesco Schettino.

Two other plaintiffs of environmental protection associations, "ENPA and WWF," did not want for their liability for Costa Cruises in the wreck.

The judge accepted the request to appear before the tribunal Costa Cruises as a defendant to the next hearing to be held Thursday, March 24 in Grosseto (I).

Friday, February 26 2016, a false rumor on the postponement of the appeal :
President of the Florence Court of Appeal (I) Margherita Cassano and Francesco D'Andrea Attorney General denied the postponement of the opening of the appeal trial of Francesco Schettino on April 28. 2016-9 h30, for reasons logistics. The trial will take place in the large courtroom of Florence Courthouse (I) usually reserved for the Assize Court.

The Attorney General said : "It's a shame impart information that make us look like a defaulting country, we do our duty, and we have a thought for all administrative staff who work hard to make justice work with. calm and serenity. We had great trials with a large number of civil parties in this courthouse, like the Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino bank headed by Denis Verdini, or like against the leaders of the Menarini Group for the case of 'tax evasion".

Hearing dates: Thursday, April 28 and 4, 6, 9, 10, 16, 19, 20, 23, 25, 27 May 2016.

The President of the Court of Appeal of Florence Margherita Cassano
Thursday, February 25 2016, postponing the date of the appeal hearing and hearing schedule:
The Florence Court of Appeal (I) has not yet confirmed the date of 28 April 2016, for the opening of the appeal trial of the commander Francesco Schettino, because it is confronted with a problem logistics seen the number of people who will be present and the size of the hall of court appeals.

The Florence Court of Appeal (I) is studying the possibility of using the courtroom of the Assize Court, which is the largest of all the rooms, and place giant screens in other rooms, even in other places, for the media. In all cases the first 11 calendar hearings has already been provided to the civil parties: the 4, 6, 9, 10, 16, 19, 20, 23, 25, 27 May.

Note that to date there are 266 civil parties, plus the prosecutor of Grosseto (I), counsel for the civil liability and Costa Cruises. Francesco Schettino the lawyers are Saverio Senese and Donato Laino.

The Florence Court House (inaugurated on 23 January 2012) while impressive in its architecture and almost as long and high as the Costa Concordia 240 m long, 72 m high and 146 m wide, with a surface floor of 135.000 m2 .

On 22 February 2016, opening of the appeal ?

The trial on appeal from the sentence of 11 February 2015 (16 years 1 month) commander Francesco Schettino should open Thursday, April 28, 2016 in Florence (I). This information has not yet been confirmed by the court of Florence (I).

Francesco Schettino, first instance sentence
Wednesday, February 11 2015 to 20 h 10, the judges condemned Francesco Schettino sentenced to 16 years and one month in prison.
The Court of Justice of the Grosseto court (At) which met behind closed doors for about 8 hours and which was composed of :

President Giovanni Puliatti and judges, Marco  Mezzaluna and Sergio Compagnucci.

At convicted Francesco Schettino born 14 November 1960 in Castellammare di Stabia in the province of Naples (I), the offenses listed below and condemns for each offense to a prison sentence. The appeal suspends the detention of the accused :

"Homicides Involuntary multiple", the prison sentence is 10 years.

"Shipwreck Costa Concordia", the prison sentence is 5 years.

"Abandon ship and infirm," the prison sentence is 1 year.

"Delay in the information given to competent authorities for the organization of emergency", the prison sentence is 1 month.

He was also sentenced to a ban to all employment in the public service for life. Prohibition to command a vessel for 5 years.

The court rejected the prosecution's request for it to be placed in detention :

Francesco Schettino will not detain, because the judges there is no risk of flight, "There is no danger of leakage, no personal measure of caution We reject the request for. arrest."

Damages and interests :

Francesco Schettino and Costa Cruises were also ordered jointly to pay damages and interests.

For passengers and crew members, they must receive an allowance of 4 million euros and 2.8 million euros of end damage. (These amounts do not include amounts already paid to the families of victims and survivors compensated).

3.3 million euros for the office of President of the Italian Council of Ministers, the Tuscany Region (I), the Province of Grosseto (I).

1.5 million euros for the Italian Ministry of Environment.

1 million euros for a German victim without heirs, she was represented by an official from the German government.

500 000 euros for the Ministries of Defence, Infrastructure, Interior and the Italian Civil Protection.

300 000 euros for the municipality of Giglio (I), it will claim 20 million.

45 000 euros for associations "CODACONS, WWF, Confconsumatori.

The court awarded 30,000 euros in Domnica Cemortan, who claim 200,000.

The lawyers Francesco Schettino was : Domenico Pepe and Donato Laino.


During the three years of investigation and legal proceedings, there has been only one Prosecutor Francesco Verusio of Grosseto (I). By cons, there were three judges, the trial judge Valeria Montesarchio was the investigating judge responsible for collecting the results of the investigation, she also conducted the first interrogation, and she even placed Francesco Schettino in custody for a few days before she placed under house arrest at his home in Meta di Sorrento.

The house arrest was confirmed by the Florence Court of Cassation (I), to the despair of the prosecutor Francesco Verusio.

In early March 2012, the judge conducts the first preliminary technical hearings. On 10 April 2012, the Italian Supreme Court, presided over by the Speaker of the House Sirena Pietro Antonio, upheld the order of the court to revise Florence (Ita) maintaining the commander Francesco Schettino to house arrest, and therefore reject the request of his lawyer Bruno Leporatti (former lawyer Schettino) who wanted his client to be free to move.

July 6, 2012, the judge Valeria Montesarchio instruction eased house arrest for Francesco Schettino, but it will still observe an obligation to remain in the territory of Meta di Sorrento city of residence. This request was made by his lawyers to support the application of house arrest relief, they mention that Francesco Schettino had "behaved impeccably throughout the period of house arrest".

On 20 December 2012 the prosecutor Francesco Verusio, completes its investigation and announced that Francesco Schettino faces 20 years in prison, accused of multiple manslaughter, shipwreck, destruction of property, abandonment, environmental damage and concealment of information about the sinking.

February 19, 2013, Francesco Schettino request permission to leave his town of Meta Di Sorrento to get to Numana in the province of Ancona (Italy) for a job interview in a hotel residence for the season come. The owner of this hotel residence knows Francesco Schettino and contacted him by telephone and then by mail.

On 22 February 2013, the judge Valeria Montesarchio instruction gives green light for Francesco Schettino leaves his house arrest in Meta Di Sorrento for three days to get to his job interview in a hotel facility in the province of Numana Ancona (Italy).

It was not until Monday, February 25, 2013, the prosecutor Francesco Verusio application that is before the court, Francesco Schettino to, multiple manslaughter, negligent injury, shipwreck and abandoning ship.

Must also be brought before the court, the officer Ciro Ambrosio, officer Silvia Coronica, the helmsman Jacob Rusli Bin, the purser Manrico Giampedroni, the head of the crisis unit Roberto Ferrarini Costa Cruise.

Costa Cruises is also guilty and should answer in court of administrative offenses that resulted in manslaughter, aggravated by the violation of safety rules. Costa Cruises is liable to a fine of one million euros.

For the offense of refusal to cooperate with the maritime authorities, Francesco Schettino, the officer Andrea Bongiovanni, cartographer Simone Canessa and Vice-President of Costa Cruises Manfred Ursprunger.

For the offense of destruction and deterioration of the protected site, the commander Francesco Schettino, the officers board Ciro Ambrosio, Salvatore Ursino, Silvia Coronica and helmsman Jacob Rusli Bin. Costa Cruises is also responding to the administrative offense of destruction and deterioration of the protected site.

Preliminary investigations into the sinking of the cruise liner Costa Concordia occurred near the Giglio Island January 13, 2012, have been concluded and the committal for trial of those responsible was requested.

The Office of the Republic at the Court of Grosseto notify all injured parties that Judge preliminary investigations received a request for classification in respect of :

- For cooperation offense shipwreck through negligence:
Salvatore Ursino, born in Messina July 16, 1985.

- For the cooperation of multiple misdemeanor manslaughter and involuntary multiple injuries:
Salvatore Ursino, born in Messina July 16, 1985.
Roberto Bosio, born in Sanremo (Imperia) October 26, 1966.
Manfred Ursprunger, born in Enns (Austria) May 12, 1958.
Paolo Giacomo Parodi, born in Genoa 26 February 1953.

- For the offense of lack of cooperation with the maritime authorities:
Andrea Bongiovanni, born in Sanremo (Imperia) January 25, 1981;
Simone Canessa, born in Rome November 24, 1985;
Manfred Ursprunger, born in Enns (Austria) May 12, 1958.

- For cooperation offense destruction or degradation of habitat within a protected site:
Francesco Schettino, born in Naples November 14, 1960;
Ciro Ambrosio, born in Torre del Greco (Naples) October 29, 1983;
Salvatore Ursino, born in Messina on 16 July 1985;
Silvia Coronica, born in Trieste January 5, 1983;
Jacob Rusli Bin, born in Jakarta (Indonesia) to December 11, 1963.

- For the administrative offense of destruction of offense or deterioration of a habitat within a protected site:
Cruises Spa, with headquarters in Genoa, Piazza Piccapietra n. 48.

Injured parties in ten days from this notice, have the option to consider the substantiated request of ranking and all acts concerning the investigation and for the aforementioned offenses, to present opposition, explaining why the investigations should Carry on.

On 10 April 2013, Costa Cruises is fined one million euros and prosecution end there.

Monday, April 15, 2013, opens in Grosseto the first preliminary hearing headed by Judge Pietro Molino. The judge will not ask to Francesco Schettino was placed in detention, while the prosecutor Francesco Verusio the request again.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013, the judge accepted Pietro Molino sentences negotiated for 5 of the 6 accused in the wreck, Roberto Ferrarini, Ciro Ambrosio, Jacob Rusli Bin, Manrico Giampedroni, Silvia Coronica, but not for Francesco Schettino. To judge Pietro Molino, Francesco Schettino has played a central role in the sinking, but again he will let him go free pending his trial which opens Tuesday, July 9, 2013 and will be chaired by Judge Giovanni Puliatti.

The judge Giovanni Puliatti leaves too, Francesco Schettino free, even after the indictment of the prosecutor Maria Navarro Monday, January 26, 2015, and its request for 26 years and 3 months in prison. A few days before the prosecutor Francesco Verusio is retired.

It should also be noted that the movable and immovable property of Francesco Schettino was seized in 2013.

The question can be asked today why the judges so far have refused to detain Francesco Schettino.

Who does the record that some say the detention is not necessary immediately to other detention must be done as quickly as possible. The judges they think give a sentence below or far below the request of prosecutors ?

In any case, there will be appeal against-appeal, Supreme Court, Supreme Court, etc. The asbestos trial in Italy lasts for over fifteen years and is still not finished. The families of the victims and survivors need to take patient, a very long patience for yet know can be the truth!

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