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Passengers decks Costa Concordia

A ship is large, even huge, the best way to move on board is to have a plan that you provided Costa Cruises and you find your arrive in your stateroom on the day of embarkation.

Whether your firm, or the promenade deck, it is not clear the first or the first two days to be located, but otherwise do not have the sense of direction is taken quickly it marks.

In all cases fixed planes are arranged at several locations on each deck. On the plans below you will not find the "Bridge 0", that is where is, Hospital, Emergencies and Pharmacy.


Decks, 1 "Holland" and 2 "Swiss"  are the passenger decks at the base of the ship, they are composed of interior cabins and cabins with window without window.


Decks, 3 "Belgium" and 4 "Greece" are two decks where there is no cabin.

Pont 3 Belgium : Pont 4 Greece :
17 Milan Hall  
29 Athens Theatre 29 Athens Theatre
30 Milan Restaurant 30 Milan Restaurant
35 Rome Restaurant 35 Rome Restaurant
37 Samsara Restaurant (For passengers of Samsara cabins) 31 Lisbon Disco (nightclub)
38 Europe Main Hall 32 Internet Point (Internet point with computers)
39 Europe Bar 33 Cappella (chapel)
40 Tour Office (Booking excursions) 34 Prague Lounge
41 Customer Service 36 Photo Area (purchase store pictures taken by photographers Costa Cruises)

Deck 5 "Italy" has no cabin, deck 6 "Great Britain" it is composed of outside cabins with balconies and inside cabins without window.

Pont 5 Italy : 22 Helsinki Cafe
15 London Lounge 23 Berlin Grand Bar
16 Vienna Ballroom 24 Dublin Bar
17 Milan Hall 25 Sale Card (card sales)
18 Budapest Piano Bar 26 Tatra Library (Library)
19 World Virtual (video games) 27 Art Gallery (perfume and jewelry)
20 Barcelona Casino 28 Shops
21 Stockholm Sports Bar 29 Athens Theatre

Decks, 7 "Ireland" and 8 "Portugal", are composed solely of outside cabins with balconies and inside cabins without window.


Decks, 9 "France" and 10 "Germany", are mixed outside cabins with balconies and inside cabins without porthole., And places of business.

Pont 9 France : Pont 10 Germany :
9 Paris Restaurant Buffet 9 Paris Restaurant Buffet
13 Mediterraneo Lido (bars, swimming pools) 10 Solarium
14 Riviera Lido Magica (bars, swimming pools) 11 Squok Club (Space with small children pool)
  12 Riviera Magica Balcony

Deck 11 "Spain, blend some outside cabins with balcony and location of activities, the deck 12 "Austria"has no cabin.

Pont 11 Spain : Pont 12 Austria :
5 Concordia Club bar, restaurant to map 1 Sport Court (Field ball games)
6 Squok Lido(Space with small children pool) 2 Jogging Track
7 Solarium Lido with swimming pool and hot baths 3 Costa Bar Scuderia
8 Vénus Beauty 4 Samsara Spa
  The Toboggan

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