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From the Titanic to the Costa Concordia
On January 5, 2017, Titanic, the documentary of the revelation :
Titanic The New Evidence, the documentary broadcast on Sunday January 1, 2017 on the English Channel Channel 4, which shows that a fire took place on the Titanic before its departure from Southampton for its inaugural cruise.
Tuesday, January 3, 2017, Titanic the end of a legend? The new legend Concordia !
After the information published yesterday in the media about the new version of the Titanic shipwreck, it is more than a century in the history of the merchant navy that collapses because for a century and the number of books And films on the subject testify, the Titanic was the flagship vessel par excellence, a legend, a myth, unsinkable, the dream liner...

Even in the slightest debate or debate, in politics, show-biz, or whatever, a failure was often compared to the sinking of the Titanic. Simply because the Titanic had become the very emblem of human error, pretension, pride, madness, some human beings who still think today that one can stand up to the Anger of the natural elements.

We see it today in 2016, we still do not control nature, we do not tame it, we can just try to protect ourselves, to protect ourselves, to protect it from its blows Of anger and its traps so finely deployed on the whole earth, to which man must constantly watch to protect himself.

The Titanic was the pride of a nation, of a people, it showed the world that we can go faster, farther, safely, for nothing in the world can stop this luxurious monster of Seas, not even a rock or an iceberg. Unfortunately for them, on January 14, 1912, the pretentious dream of domination of nature will stop there !

The shipwreck :

At 22: 40 pm on Sunday, January 14, 1912, in the North Atlantic Ocean, off Newfoundland, and in less than 3 hours, the insubmersible and luxurious "Titanic" will sink with the craziest dreams Of some engineers and investors in bad of glories and riches. They were so sure of their strength, so sure of their calculation, that they even stupidly suppressed rescue boats.

This sinking later will contribute more quickly to the safety of ships at sea, with more resources, already on the number of launches, more efficient life jackets, better trained personnel, more efficient radios, and later with The arrival of advanced computer systems that will transmit to the continents information in real time and especially to rescue teams, by a simple call the famous "SOS" and that with a system of geolocation of the ship.

On the other hand, all these brave people (engineers, researchers, builders) have still not found the solution to keep a ship afloat if more than 2 compartments are flooded. Even with a double hull like the Costa Concordia and that 100 years later as the Titanic in less than 3 hours! And if he did not turn around (Schettino or luck) to land on the island of Giglio, he would sink like the Titanic and there would not have been 32 dead, but at least one Thousand !

A responsible fire of the sinking :

Until Monday, January 2, 2017, almost 105 years after the sinking, no one could think for a second that the Titanic had left Southampton with a fire on board or at least a fire could be controlled, but With at that time coal which was perhaps still molten and which at the slightest breath of air could re-ignite in a few seconds and form a gigantic new brazier and that at sea, the same brazier that had already ravaged for several days , Or even two to three weeks as the experts think and destroy part of the coal inventory of the engine room before the start for the inaugural cruise.

With this fire, the Titanic's hull was weakened at the very spot where it hit the iceberg, the fixing system of the time of the sheet steel plates that formed the hull was bolted and not welded as today And between a steel sheet can still be burning, and the icy temperature of the sea, plus the impact of the iceberg, the steel sheets have ripped out like nothing.

To hide the huge black trace on the hull, the Titanic was moored to the dock in the opposite direction of its position originally intended for the departure, so that the passengers do not notice anything and climb on board with serenity. There the shipowner, the officers, and even the commander Edward Smith, known for his bravery to die with his ship, are no longer pretentious dreamers, proud or simple executants, but real assassins and veritable suicide bombers for officers, They are doing this in full awareness of the risk, I would say almost premeditated...

Daily information on natural disasters tells us that human beings will never struggle with nature, but that we humans, although endowed with an extremely intelligent brain, will never be able to truly protect us if we Do not accept the fact that we must also fight our stupidity to always want to go higher, farther, faster without taking account of the imponderables and especially to anticipate them...

Nonsense, pretentiousness, madness, crimes surely even, wanting to leave more than 2200 people on a ship that is not able to sail, worse that can be even without the iceberg would never have reached its destination. A strong storm in this area of ​​the earth or they abound, with a sea near zero, and the fragility of the hull would not have borne the onslaught of the waves and the Titanic would have sunk without may have the time to launch the SOS , One of the very first SOS in the history of the Navy who was born in Berlin (A) on November 3, 1906, less than six years before the Titanic sank !

From the sinking of the insubmersible "Titanic", to the wreck of the Costa Concordia :

Francesco Schettino, commanding officer of Costa Concordia, has certainly made a navigational error, is he solely responsible, I do not have the elements to answer it with certainty. The company Costa Cruises has committed serious errors on the design of their ship, surely on certain equipment such as the emergency generator which will not support the essential energy required by the elevators, lighting and engines of descent Of lifeboats, is a proof of this, and a vital element in damage or sinking.

But the Costa Concordia demonstrates, nevertheless, that from the shipwreck he had gone through all his trials until his return to Genoa, that he was a solid ship in the design of his main structure, but that he was fragile by the fact that even With a double hull, it was ripped open. One notes that 100 years after the sinking of the Titanic there is still research to be done on the sealing of the hulls and the resistance of the latter to all the risks like an iceberg or a rocky peak. On the other hand, I also think that without the Titanic, the ships of today would have experienced the same technological evolution in communication, safety and of course the design.

The image that each of us has made of the "Myth" Titanic, after these revelations will change, films, books are they to throw in the trash, will they have the same impact on Each of us, the Costa Concordia will take the place in the hearts of the fans of the Titanic ?

Can the Costa Concordia become the new legend in the history of the Merchant Navy :

I think that before this new version of the sinking of the Titanic, it had already begun and for some time already some media or social networks begin to compare politicians to Francesco Schettino, as for Francois Hollande or Matteo Renzi, for Take only the best known, and compared France or Italy to the Costa Concordia...

Because today Costa Concordia is closer to us than it is to the older generations who only knew the Titanic through history, books or films. But I think for future generations, the Costa Concordia will be their Titanic. First, for the number of movies or photos that circulate on the web planet, before, during and after the sinking and its media coverage for almost five years.

For the Titanic, only old black and white photographs, yellowed with time, a few pieces of old films remain for these generations, and the film by James Cameron, a film that demonstrates with great stroke special effects and with the Contest of scientists and historians, that the Titanic had broken in two...

To become a legend the Costa Concordia must necessarily go through the big screen :

The Costa Concordia will also have its own moment of glory, it will return completely in history, can be instead of the Titanic, through books, or even a cinematographic blockbuster, already a German telefilm is planned for end 2017. We must remember these catastrophes, not to forget the souls who have left their lives behind. Memory is a duty of memory, forgets a mark of dehumanization. Although to do bisness on the dead and suffering is totally move, unfortunately one does not go without the other.

The Costa Concordia has everything to go into history, a tragic scenario, emotion, a historical feat of man, media coverage like no ship had ever before had the Titanic. With a charismatic commander who is loved or hated, a young dancer in love with the captain, or that captain who remained more than 36 hours stuck on board, unable to move with the rising water, Or that mechanic from Costa Concordia, who will go back and forth with his boat at the peril of his life to save more than 500 people, or this fireman on vacation on the ship, and who too Honor by saving a disabled person who is still in his wheelchair and whom everyone has forgotten...

But above all for the fact that they are never forgotten, the tragic story of each of the victims, this young couple of lovers with their hearts and hands bound for eternity, this young woman on a wedding trip, or this husband Heroic woman who gave her lifejacket to her beloved wife to keep her alive, or the five-year-old child who died in her dad's arms, who too will never return from this terrible cruise, Their name inscribed in letter d'Or at the highest of the celestial vault...

Costa Concordia was not directly responsible for the victims and the wounded. Hundreds of survivors also thanked him, for without his solidity, without the fact that he remained hanging on these rocks, how many would be Today to lengthen the list of victims...

The Costa Concordia is a stupid accident, but an accident not premeditated! The sinking of the Titanic, is no longer a mere accident as before this Monday, January 2, 2017, but a deliberate act of sending people to death, the story in this turn is not written in the same way, and It can not remain written as it is written today, for 105 years. The work of the people (journalists, experts, historians) who give us this new version of the sinking will have a lot of work, because a new story must be written! They have taken a course and they can not stop there, they can not go back...
In memory of the 1,500 victims of the Titanic and the 32 victims of the Costa Concordia...

Monday 2 January 2017, it would not be because of an iceberg that the Titanic would have sunk :
What if the Titanic sank because of a fire?

According to The Independent the theory of the sinking of the Titanic due to an iceberg would not be the main cause of the sinking but the sinking would have occurred because of a fire that would have weakened the hull at the level of the impact Of the iceberg.
Senan Molony has been a journalist specializing in the sinking of the Titanic for 30 years and he said in the English newspaper that the ship's chief electrician took pictures while the latter was still at the Belfast wharf.

Two to three weeks before it was put into service, a fire broke out in the engine room of the Titanic, the fire would have lasted several days because of the fact that it had taken from a coal stock next to A stock of fuel.

In photos (rare), the expert discovered black marks on the spot where the ship hit the iceberg, for the expert the ship would never have to go to sea, he even declares that in the The Titanic had been placed in such a way that the passengers did not notice the immense black trace due to the fire on the front part of the Titanic...

If this version, confirmed by other experts, would be validated, it would mean that it was not the excessive speed ordered by Captain Edward Smith that would be the cause of the sinking, but the fragility of the hull to Cause of the fire and this would imply the total responsibility of the company White Star Line which ordered the commissioning of the Titanic while the fire was still smoldering in the engine room...

The 1520 people would not have died as a result of a mere collision, but because of the madness of a few men, and this would then become an "unintentional multiple homicide", and the Titanic, the unsinkable ship that Sunk due to an iceberg would collapse.

Why would the legend collapse, simply because there is no evidence that the Titanic could have traveled to New York without a major incident, the metal on the hull bolts that give way due to a storm and 'An extremely cold sea, the plates of sheet which falls into the sea and the latter which enters the ship ...

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