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Posted on Tuesday 6 December 2016 
The mystery of the disappearance of the treasures of Costa Concordia
I wish here, on this page, to bring my vision on the plunder that the Costa Concordia would have suffered during the period when it was on the island of Giglio (I). I wanted to take my time to understand and analyze the case on these "mysterious disappearances", before devoting a page and try to bring a reason other than that reported in the media.

Before going into details, and having followed the whole affair of the shipwreck on its departure from the island of Giglio, and its dismantling at Genoa, the Costa Concordia was under the surveillance of the Coast Guards Italian, at least for his period in Giglio (I), then in Genoa it was a company of security agents who took over. For a very simple reason, the Costa Concordia was seized by the Italian courts until Friday 4 July 2014, before being handed over to Costa Cruises until the shipowner could tow the ship to Genoa (I). 23 July 2014. Then arriving in Genoa (I) the Costa Concordia became the property of San Giorgio del Porto for its dismantling.

It is true that in Genoa (I) a person was equipped with a GoPro camera (video below) to climb the Costa Concordia in March 2015, seven months after the arrival of the ship in Genoa ( I), but since Giglio (I) the accessible bridges had been emptied of all personal belongings. Photos (see below) were circulated on the internet with the number of the cabin where the photo was taken, but these photos had been taken in Giglio (I) in January 2014, 6 months before the departure of Costa Concordia for Genoa (I). It is observed the diffusion of certain multimedia supports can lead to a misinterpretation, and then if we take the time to look at these photos with the number of cabins we notice very few are in good condition. Some even started to be emptied !

Cabin N ° 1052 balcony, larboard side deck 10 Germania (Germany).
Cabin No. 1005 inside, starboard side deck 10 Germania (Germany).
Cabine N ° 9279 balcony, starboard side deck 9 Francia (France).
The case rightly triggered anger among the French survivors and families of the French victims after the "loss of their personal belongings" who were on the Costa Concordia at the time of the sinking and who remained there after abandoning the ship . It is not the financial compassions unlocking by Costa Cruises that has calmed the anger of some passengers and the families of the victims, who for many of these objects represented a market value but also for a majority of them, A sentimental value.

The case is part of France and its defense collective, which after confirmation of the sentence on appeal for Major Francesco Schettino, the end of the dismantling of the Concordia, and the angry reaction of its members at the reception For some of them objects that do not correspond to their personal property, or even a restitution of incomplete goods, or others who have been notified by the Italian courts that the safes and personal belongings Found in a large majority of cabins could not be recovered. Surely scattered over time by the openings of the ship and the eddies of the sea inside it, raised a shock wave because these objects were expected by their owners as invaluable treasures for all those years.

After having made representations to the competent Italian authorities and the shipowner Costa Cruises, which for the latter, since the sinking had been responsible for their ship only for about thirty days, could not bring any answer to the French collective . On the Italian side, it states that all the objects of the passengers were recovered as far as possible by the Italian Coast Guards, who carried out an inventory and placed all these objects in a secure warehouse near the place of the sinking. The mainland in the commune of Talamone (I).

Talamone (I) where I visited on May 20, 2014, while the Costa Concordia was still in Giglio (I) ... I wanted to see the rescue boats that were stored there, but the authorities of the commune have me Informed that they had been moved to a secure place until the end of the seizure by the Italian courts. I also learned on that day that some of the ship's objects had been stored in a secure warehouse in the commune, but they refused to tell me where this warehouse was.

For the French collective, it was necessary to make things happen, and there is nothing better to be heard in such a case than to mobilize the media, but these media can convey only the anger and disgust of a Such laxity, since the sinking the survivors and families of the victims feel abandoned, nobody gives them the least answer. The Italian administration, as in France, does not have time to answer each person, it does not have time to become aware of the length of the waiting and the questioning of each one of us , When one is in suffering. Too many files, not enough staff, so we respond to the va-as-I-te-shoot.

It is certain that the fact of being far from the place of shipwreck, having very little information from the shipowner (because of the seizure) and the justice of a foreign country Does not speak the language is a barrier even higher to cross and makes that one asks even more questions. "Why do not they go in our cabins to get our belongings back?" Or "Why does it take so long to recover, a suitcase and three or four items that are in the safe?" These simple questions are nevertheless implacable logic, but over time these simple questions become a certainty, "If the Italian justice does not return our objects to us, it is because they were robbed !!"

Anger replaces reason when one has suffered so much and is still suffering, it adds to this anger, pain, suffering, expectation, anxiety, more generally a "permanent stress" that Food from the inside and which even keeps you from sleeping, eating and finding a "normal" life or "mourning the lost being"... "Why are they straining on us, Have we made the Good Lord to deserve such an ordeal for all these years ! "

Yet all these disappearances may not be the result of a robbery or more strongly a "looting in order", and it is certain that it is easier for some people to go in the direction of the pain , Rather than bringing to these people a less painful, less brutal solution, a solution that is also an implacable logic, but which is not linked to the simple baseness of a few thieves eager for wealth to win with the least Effort, but rather a loss pure and simple...

So looting or simple disappearance in the Tyrrhenian Sea ?

Personally I do not want to scream with the wolves, I believe that we must not add suffering to suffering to all those people who already have their doses, and we must look truthfully in the face without Talk about "mysterious disappearances" or "theft", because this truth is simple to understand if you take the time to explain it correctly. Three-quarters of the ship was for many months totally immersed, some parts for safety reasons were totally inaccessible.

The personal belongings deposited by the passengers in the cabins and in the safes of each cabin were recovered either by the Coast Guard or under the control of the cabin crew, who alone were authorized to do this long and meticulous recovery work in Of the limiting conditions of safety, basically it is the recovery of parts that can be used for the investigation and its consequences, for example for insurance companies with a view to possible compensation.

The first part of the salvage was carried out in the cabins accessible from the outside of the ship on the port side, and this was done as the ship was straightened up, but not only for the booths. There were also on board the Costa Concordia very large valuables (vases, paintings, etc.) which were used for decoration, or elements necessary for the investigation, such as computers and log books.

The cabin decks concerned by this recovery are the bridges "6, 7, 8" and half of the decks "9 and 10", which are not only cabin decks but also places of activity. I repeat that it concerns only the port side except water. The cabins of the lower decks by their configurations and access are too dangerous for men to venture into it while the ship is still lying down.

I propose below to discover the only four solutions (in photos) to enter the Costa Concordia before the installation of the equipment of the turning site. By air means, by rope ladders, by boats (recovery of objects that escape from the ship) or finally by submarine channels. It is noted that apart from being well equipped the access to the interior of the ship was practically impossible, in addition we must not forget the equipment suitable to open and where to transport the safes and other objects.

In addition, it should be added that the vessel which was lying represented a height of a building of 14 floors, that on the side of the hull it was impossible to climb with bare hands, that on the chimney side it was not Easier, and as well to get inside not easy to walk on partitions which can at any time yield under the weight of a person, even of several people.

All this under the permanent supervision of the Italian Coast Guard !!

Grazie a tutti per il foto.

At the time of the sinking :

When the ship went to bed on the evening of the shipwreck, the starboard side was completely crushed, suggesting that the cabin cabinets on that side were totally overturned, the office furniture containing the strong boxes Partitions, with the glass doors of the balconies that literally exploded in shock, the contents of the cabins that could pass through these openings poured into the sea.

Over time, the eddies due to marine currents or worse to storms made a large part of all these objects scattered offshore. For the heaviest objects, they have sunk, when the lighter objects have remained on the surface. Months later, suitcases were found tens of kilometers from the place of sinking on the beaches of the island of Elba. The photos below show us the safe in its furniture and the same furniture totally destroyed after the sinking.

Before the sinking
After the sinking
Office furniture with safe

The photo and video of the Costa Concordia in the storm let us imagine the eddies that had to shake it and shake off all the objects that were inside and surely be sucked out of the ship and carried away very far off, Especially that for more than 3 years of storms the Costa Concordia has known tens... What weigh a small safe or a suitcase against the unleashing of the sea? Nothing, simple straw !

Half of the 1500 cabins, that is to say the 750 cabins on the starboard side, even those in the central part of the ship, were submerged or totally destroyed, the photos below show the reality of what I say On the number of submerged cabins. But to this number it is necessary to add the cabins on the port side which they were on decks 1 and 2, these cabins totally immersed at the time of the sinking and whose water remained inside and up to "Genoa". In total with bridges 1 and 2 this represents roughly a thousand cabins that were destroyed. For more details on the exact position of the cabins, see the Costa Concordia official plans : click here


This position the Costa Concordia will keep, from January 13, 2012 to September 17, 2013, this to say more than 20 months...

But then, when the ship was straightened up, until it was bailed out, we noticed that the port and starboard cabins were up to the bridge 7, which were immersed. Basically there are only about 300-400 booths that have remained dry or almost dry throughout the period of the bailout, but above all to secure the Costa Concordia, to allow the Coast Guard to board and Recovered the strong boxes and personal belongings of the cabins...

300 to 400 strong boxes out of 1500 one surely to be recovered in Giglio (I), the rest to be recovered in Genoa (I) at the time of the dismantling, some strong coffers were recovered in the seabed around the Costa Concordia by the divers.

Let us not forget that the body of the last victim who was in a cabin of deck 8, apparently in the port side which remained permanently dry, was only discovered in Genoa (I) ...

Another thing that must be analyzed with lucidity, all the objects found in the cabins mixed in cabins, and even the safes, was certainly not in a state of identification. Cameras, camcorders, watches, cash, identity papers and others had to be in a pitiful state.

It is noticed and it may be necessary to make a point with the persons who were able to recover their personal effects, but it is more than probable that three quarters of the personal effects could not be recovered and thus restored...

On the other hand, I do not exclude that theft of the bell of the Costa Concordia hanging on the mast is proof of this, even if it is necessary to demonstrate that, There were flights even with the surveillance of the Coast Guard, but it must not be forgotten that people were arrested and handed over to the Italian courts.

And if it is necessary to bring again an element of answer on the good surveillance of the Costa Concordia, the trial which opened at the beginning of February 2016, where the person in charge of the ship Franco Porcellacchia, the person in charge Costa Cruises on the " Island Alessandro Vettori, and a technician from Costa also Camillo Casella, are deemed to have boarded the Costa Concordia without the permission of the Italian courts. And that, a few days before the reconstruction mandated by the investigating judge of trial in first instance Giovanni Puliatti. In this case they are accused of having broken the seals of access to bridge bridge 8 and the emergency generator room on deck 11.

The trial of this shipwreck for the survivors and families of the victims has lasted almost five years, and with the expectation of the decision of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the possible follow-up, it is not ready to stop. Costa Concordia and the sea have taken away lives and personal belongings that will never return, but if one can dispense with personal objects so precious as they are sentimental, they will never be able to do without the loss of one Be so dear to his heart and soul...

Marco Mannella Legal Notice